About GMA

Good Morning Aomori is an online magazine published twice a month with the help of JETs in the area.  GMA is produced by Aomori AJET.

Follow us on Facebook and email us at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.

Production Staff

Amanda Addey-Jibb, Editor in Chief

Zoe Kirkland, Publishing Manager


Column Editors

Aomori AJET Council – AJET Announcements: News direct from AJET

Zoe Kirkland – Events: Local events around Aomori

Harrison Gordon – Aomori Spotlight: Interviews with local JETs

Jackson Hale – Forward All Inquiries: Advice and help through a comedy lens

David Applebaum – Hot Springs Eternal: Onsen reviews and tips

Peter Underwood – Trivia Trap: Quizzes, games, and prizes

Natalie Laber – Japantics: Anectdotes about life and struggles in Japan

Lauren Molin – English is Weird: Grammar anomalies of the English language explained

Amanda Addey-Jibb – Shufu Tips: Housekeeping, cleaning, and organizing tips




Interested in writing for GMA? We accept one-off submissions for any column, as well as new column writers! Email us at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.


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