About GMA

Hirosaki Castle, Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture

Good Morning Aomori is an online magazine published twice a month with the help of JETs in the area. All articles are written by Aomori JETs or former Aomori JETs. Aomori JETs are Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators of International Relations (CIRs) living in Aomori Prefecture, Japan via the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme.

For more information on being an Aomori JET, see the Aomori JET homepage.

Follow us on Facebook and email us at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.

Production Staff

Joshua Dolphin, Editor in Chief
Zoe Kirkland, Publishing Manager

Current Column Writers

Aomori AJET Council – AJET Announcements: News direct from AJET
Rouel Nepomuceno- Events: Local events around Aomori
Elaina OlmoBrief Interviews With Hideous JETs: Interviews with local JETs
Victor SchultzForward All Inquiries: Advice and help through a comedy lens
Alex KouryTrivia Trap: Quizzes, games, and prizes
Lauren Molin – English is Weird: Grammar anomalies of the English language explained
Genevieve Mollitor – Miso Hungry: Food recipes and ideas
Nick Pinder – Extended Play: Covering the best of the Japanese music scene
Victor Schultz – BALLS: Inspiring our community to become a little less stupid with political and global news
Will Nelson – The Philosophy of Book: Reviews of philosophically-minded novels
Charlie Abbot – Chatting With Charlie: Interviews with local artists translated into English
Joshua Dolphin – Taroscopes: Horoscope-inspired tarot readings
Rett Anderson & Pokere Paewai – Media Bug: Thoughts and recommendations for Japanese media.
Ryan Molloy – Historia Mundi: World history with a focus on Japan.
Ashton Priest – Ashton’s Anecdotes: Lighthearted stories about life in Japan.
Yoshika Wason – Today’s Lesson: Lesson plans, teaching strategies, and best practices.

Interested in writing for GMA? We accept one-offs as well as new column writers! Email us at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com.

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