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Issue 7

Summer vacation is ending, which means it’s time for Good Morning Aomori to get back up and running!

First of all, we’d like to welcome all of you new JETs to the Aomori Prefecture! We hope you’re adjusting to the area and the dog-forsaken weather.

In case you’re new here, this is Good Morning Aomori (or GMA as the “cool” kids like to call it), which is JET’s Aomori blog/newsletter (or blewsletter as the “uncool” kids like to call it.)
We are a team of 7 people who work hard to find and post the interesting and amazing things that you all are doing around the prefecture, while also writing our own columns to teach you a little bit about Japan and Aomori.

Help us out by submitting your own work or ideas to Send us your writing, your videos, your creative lesson plans, your credit card numbers, your music, your art and your photos. We take pretty much anything but unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to accept Dick pics. We are, however, still allowed to accept videos featuring pairs of bare boobies, so send ’em our way. Also, we promise you a mental high-five if you follow us on either Facebook or Twitter.

If you are a long time fan and reader, we have just added three new columns this new JET year:

Trivia Trap: Answer questions about Aomori to win cool prizes. Prizes!!!!
Nom Nom Tabemono: Recipes for Japan life and restaurant reviews.
MediaBug: Our way to introduce people to Japanese music, TV shows and movies.

Finally some bad news:

We are sad to say we lost two of our own at GMA during the great Finishing of JET Contracts of July 2013. RIP Edie and Milla. We will never forget you two or your hard work. However, we will replace you, shamelessly and as soon as possible! If anyone is interested in joining the GMA team, we have some spots open for column editors (specifically the three new columns listed above.) It’s an incredibly small time commitment (~4 hours a month) and it’s kinda like journalism, but faker and fun.  If you’re interested in the details, send us an e-mail at

That’s all on our end.

Pat “Somebody-should-really-fire-this-guy” Owens
Head Editor


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