What is Aomori AJET?

Aomori AJET Charter

So what is AJET? AJETとは?

  • It’s an organization run by volunteers working as ALT’s (Assistant Language Teachers) in the JET program. Our mission is to bring together and strengthen the community of JETs, other foreigners, and Japanese people by providing them with fun and affordable events we can do together. We want everyone to have a good time together and make friends! それはJETプログラムのALT(外国語指導助手)として働く者達の、ボランティアによる運営組織です。 私達の目標は、外国人と日本人の架け橋になる事です。私達は友達を作り、皆さんと楽しい時間を過ごしたいのです!
  • AJET is a Japan-wide organization, set up to act as a support network throughout the country and helps you get more out of your time here.
  • Each prefecture has its own group of people that set up social and cultural events within each prefecture.

What are the benefits of Aomori AJET?

  • We help you settle in by providing a chance to meet up with other JETs in your area and experience some of the different aspects that the prefecture (or ken) has to offer.
  • For Aomori that includes: The Welcome party, skiing, sports activities, inter-ken trips, and international culture fairs; in other words, lots to see and do.
  • Aomori AJET loves to hear your questions and suggestions! We are here to help you connect, so let us know what sounds fun and how we can improve future get-togethers!

Who is Aomori AJET?

Executive Council

Samantha Martin, President, 3rd year ALT in Mutsu City, from Mebane, North Carolina, USA

President –Hi everyone, my name’s Sam Martin, and I live up on the Shimokita Peninsula. I got my B.S. in Elementary Education K-6 at Appalachian State University, way up in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. There isn’t much to compare to the beauty of the Blue Ridge, but Shimokita sure tries! I am an ALT at three senior high schools in Mutsu City all along the coast of Mutsu Bay.

In my free time, you’ll find me writing and editing for the Wordslingin’ column on Good Morning Aomori, planning out my next tattoo, snowboarding, or playing horror/survival videogames (sometimes streaming them). My husband Alexander and I are always down to entertain friends who want to come up and do those things with us, too. When the weather is nice, it’s fun to go exploring the wide expanses of nature in Shimokita. I’m down for any other activity where I can soak up some fresh air.

If you ever have any concerns, questions, or requests, please feel free to contact me or any other member of your AJET council. We’re all here to help make the JET community in Aomori stronger, so your feedback is always more than appreciated!

Mina Kim, Vice President, 4th year ALT, Detroit, USA

Mina Kim, Vice President, 4th year ALT in Gonohe Town, Michigan, USA

Vice President – Hey everyone, I’m MiNa and I am your AJET Vice President for the 2015-2016 year. I love AJET social events, and I look forward to working with the committee to bring you all fun and exciting community bonding events!

I have been a JET since 2015 in the little town of Gonohe. We are famous for horse meat, if that is your thing. I love flowers, the colors green and pink, cheese, and fried foods. I also love to cook, so let me know if you’re ever in my town!
Aomori is truly a great place to be, and hopefully as AJET, we can make some great memories here together!

Amanda Marcroft, 3rd year ALT in Hachinohe City, Sacramento, California USA

 Treasurer – Hey there! I came here from the sunny valley of California where my most applicable degree was in Japanese Language and Literature…..which has proven fairly useless. If you like (or even know) Edogawa Rampo though, come find me for some overenthusiastic discussions.

I grew up in the desert and Aomori came as a sort of rough surprise so in winter you’ll likely see me wearing everything I own. Fortunately, snowboarding has won me over so you can usually find me out there, at our various events, doing some mounted archery, or playing any game I can get in on. My long time hobby is carnivorous plants so when I say I’ll hunt you down on horseback and feed you to my plants you know I mean it. I’m excited to meet you all and have some great times.

Appointed Positions

These positions are being filled by dedicated people with either an expertise or strong interest in the field in which they are working. For more information about what the Website Coordinator, Online Publications Coordinator, Translations Coordinator, or Volunteer Programs Coordinator do or how you can get involved, please contact them through the CONTACT FORM.

Online Publications Coordinator:

manda Lynn Marcroft, Online Publications Coordinator, 2nd year ALT, California, USA

Amanda Lynn Marcroft, Online Publications Coordinator, 3rd year ALT, California, USA

Hey there! I originally hail from the sunny valley of California and the scorching desert of Arizona so every new Aomori winter comes as a horrifying surprise. Our cozy little community gets me through it though and I’ve been drawn into the love of snowboarding and kotatsu. In the warmer months you can find me at the beach and at just about any time you can find me baking cookies in my toaster–gotta put that winter weight on to survive the chill.

I currently serve as AJET Treasurer as well as Head Editor for Aomori’s very own online magazine, Good Morning Aomori. It’s a great place to find news from around the prefecture, contests, lesson ideas, and more. We publish twice a month so check it out and follow us at www.goodmorningaomori.wordpress.com

About my position: Our online publication is an invaluable tool for Aomori AJET as well as local JETs to communicate with one another. Good Morning Aomori gives current JETs a venue to contribute to our community through writing, drawing, photography, and more. Our online publication comes out twice a month and is always looking for new talent. If you’re interested in contributing email us at goodmorningaomori@gmail.com. While GMA is a group effort the Head Editor is responsible for editing and compiling all of these awesome contributions to put forth the best possible publication every month.

Mitchell Urbanowicz, Translation Coordinator, 3rd year ALT, New York, USA

Translation Coordinator:
Hello everyone! My name is Mitchell Urbanowicz, and I am originally from Upstate New York. Before leaving for Aomori, I was studying biochemistry along with Japanese, so I am no stranger to the language. I grew up in Europe as a child, so in a sense, languages are my forte. I have also had some experience in college doing some translation work from Japanese to English for books on Japanese linguistics. While I will not promise anything great, I will do my best to communicate our message into moonrunes. Besides languages, my hobbies include photography and gaming, so you might see me in very unusual places around the country or traveling out of season when I am not at arcades or in my room beating up some bad guys. I hope to help everyone in the best way I can this year!

About my Position: 
Translation Coordinator: Aomori AJET’s public image depends on our ability to provide timely information in both English and Japanese. As such, we rely on JETs who can manage, support, and oversee a variety of short translation projects throughout the year. This is a professional challenge, and a way to gain experience in the field of interpreting/translation.
Head Librarian:
Daniel Hontos, Head Librarian, 1st year ALT, California, USA

Daniel Hontos, Head Librarian, 2nd year ALT, California, USA

Hello there! My name is Daniel Hontos, and I live in Tohoku-machi. I grew up in Southern California and graduated from UC Santa Cruz where I double-majored in Legal Studies and Language Studies. Despite having spent my whole life in sunny California, I’ve always been a cold weather person, and thus feel right at home here in the frozen fields of the north. While my passions are music and engaging with fiction in its many mediums (books, film, comics, video games, you name it), I also enjoy exploring new places with cool people. As someone who loves reading myself, I will do all that I can to make it easy for you to get the books that you love. (After all, there’s nothing better than the 本・物)
About my position:
Aomori has a huge library with several branches throughout the prefecture. Branches are stored in JET’s homes who graciously volunteer their time to keeping books organized and sent out to people who request them. The Head Librarian is in charge of coordinating with other librarians to make sure the library is maintained and requests are fulfilled promptly.

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  3. Hi,

    Good day everyone!
    My name is Rain, I am currently working as an ALT with Interac based in Kanagawa. I am moving next month to live with my fiance near Misawa base and is currently looking for an ALT job there or its nearby cities.

    Any help on information how to get the said job is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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