July Events 2019

Compiled by Rouel Nepomuceno Jr.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the great weather before the rainy season! There are still plenty of days with good weather in between the rain so make the best of it and check out these awesome events!

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Our top picks are in bold.

The list is updated with new information so don’t forget to check back in.

 July (various) – JET farewell parties! Ask your local RRs for more information.

July 12 – 15 Hachinohe Tanabata Festival @Hachinohe City

July 13 Jakkudo Fireworks Festival @Nanbu Town

July 13 Firefly & Spring Water Festival @Yokohama Town

July 13 – 14 The 54th Lake Towada Lake Festival @Towada Town

July 13 – 14 Asamushi Nebuta @Aomori City

July 13 – 14 24th Aomori Beach Soccer Tournament @Nakadomari Town

July 14 28th Classic Car Club Meeting @Kuroishi City

July 14 Sotogahama Town Port Festival @Sotogahama Town

July 14 56th Taneshi Coast Tourism Festival @Hachinohe City

July 19 – 20 Rokunohe Summer Festival @Rokunohe Town

July 20 – 21  The 52nd Tohoku Town Lake Festival @Tohoku Town

July 20 – 24 Osoresan Taisai Festival @Mutsu City

July 21 Nuruyu Onsen Ox Festival @Kuroishi City

July 21 Misawa Lake Ogawara Festival @Misawa City

July 26 – 28 Misawa Tanabata Festival @Misawa City

July 27 Nango Summer Jazz Festival @Hachinohe City

July 27 Shimoburo Onsen Festival @Kazamaura Village

July 28 Noheji Fireworks Festival @Noheji Town

On going

May 6 – October 6 Inakadate Tanbo Art @Inakadate Village

June 6 – October 31 A Factory Beer Terrace @Aomori City

June 9 – September 15 Aomori Yomiya @Aomori City (various shrines)

June 15 – July 7 Rose Festival in Shichinohe @Shichinohe City

June 22 – July 15 Iris Festival @Towada City

June 30 – July 1 Shinmeigu Shrine Thatch Ring Festival @Hachinohe City

July 19 – August 17 Owani Onsen Summer Festival @Owani Town

July 30 – August 5 Kuroishi Nebuta Festival @Kuroishi City

July 31 – August 5 Hachinohe Sansha Taisai Festival @Hachinohe City

On the horizon

August Various ALT Welcome Parties

August AJET Aomori Nebuta Meet Up

August 1 Asamushi Fireworks Display @Aomori City

August 1 – 7 Hirosaki Neputa @Hirosaki City

August 2 – 7 Aomori Nebuta Festival @Aomori City

August 3 – 8 Goshogawara Tachineputa @Goshogawara City

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