June, Volume II

Rice paddy field in Hachinohe 📷: Peter Davies


Brief Interviews With Hideous JETs: Emma Sainsbury Gives Back in a Tangible Way
Elaina asks Emma about her experience on JET, her plans for the future, and her feelings about teaching.

English is Weird: “R” You Ready Kids?
Ever notice how vowels preceding “r” all sound kind of similar? In this month’s article Lauren takes a look at r-controlled vowels.

Extended Play: eastern youth
Nick examines this mainstay of the punk scene, comparing the raw songs of their early music to the more layered sound of their recent albums.

Media Bug: Everyday Life in Ikebukuro
Pokere shows us the world of Durarara!!, a light novel-turned-anime which slowly changes from a crime-mystery into a big-city slice-of-life series.

Today’s Lesson: Extra Credit: Summer Reading to Improve Your Teaching
Yoshika shares her favorite books on classroom management, introversion, and interviewing for teaching positions, explaining why she likes these books as well as offering criticism for each.

Help Wanted

As August approaches, members of the GMA staff are beginning to retire their columns, meaning we need many new staff. All Aomori JETs are welcome!

Most of the content on the site is geared toward Japan-related topics, but you can write on basically any topic you’d like. If you need inspiration, take a look at the “columns” sidebar on the right side of this page and browse for a bit. You could even resurrect or reinvent a discontinued column. A brand new topic is equally welcome!

Most writers have a column in either Volume I (published on the 1st) or Volume II (published on the 15th), writing one article each month. There is no required word count or length. This is the usual format, but we can also set up a one-time article if you prefer.

If you’re interested, please send an email to and include your year on JET, placement town or city, and the idea for your column or article. The idea can be as vague or as detailed as you like.

We’re also interested in giving JETs a platform for content other than writing, so please reach out if you have anything you want to share on the blog!

Josh Dolphin
Head Editor

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