April, Volume II

The Shiosaibashi and Nagisabashi bridges off Takanosaki Cape on the edge of the Tsugaru Peninsula. 📷: Peter Davies.

Upcoming New Column

The first article of Maria Nikolaeva’s new column, Wabi-sabi, will be published in the next volume on May 1st.

This column will mainly focus on Japanese art and aesthetics. Maria will explore different Japanese art forms, talk about how aesthetics elements manifest themselves in culture and everyday life, as well as introduce some interesting Japanese artists.

Maria is a second-year high school ALT who teaches Russian and English at Minami High School in Aomori City.


BALLS: April Notable News
Victor provides links to international news stories on everything from Chinese tech to microplastics.

Brief Interviews With Hideous JETs: Pokere Paewai Is Willing To Try Anything
Elaina speaks with Pokere about media, writing, and sharing Maori culture as an ALT.

English is Weird: An Extremely Important Pleonasm
Lauren explains a term that is used for unnecessarily wordy English phrases in this article.

Extended Play: Nujabes: A Beloved Pioneer of Hip-Hop
Nick profiles this giant of the hip-hop scene and reviews several songs from his discography.

Media Bug: Blame it On the Boogie (pop)
Pokere introduces us to one of the first successful Japanese “light novels,” a book that kick-started the genre’s now widespread popularity.

Today’s Lesson: Creating a Token Economy Classroom Rewards System
Yoshika provides an overview of how to implement a token economy in your classroom.

Taroscopes: How to Read the Celtic Cross
In the first article of this two-part guide on how to use this popular tarot spread, Josh breaks down each of its ten positions and explains their meaning.

Help Wanted

As August approaches, members of the GMA staff are beginning to retire their columns, meaning we need many new writers. If you’ve been thinking about writing something and you’re on the fence, I urge you to take the plunge and join the team! All Aomori JETs are welcome!

You can write on basically any topic you’d like. If you need inspiration, take a look at the “columns” sidebar on the right and browse for a bit. You could even resurrect or reinvent a discontinued column if you chose. A brand new topic is equally welcome!

It’s also worth noting that we’re interested in giving JETs a platform for things other than writing, so please send us an email at if you have anything you want to share.

Josh Dolphin
Head Editor

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