April, Volume I

Sunrise over Tatehana Wharf, Hachinohe. Photo by Peter Davies.

New 年度, New AJET

The results of the Aomori AJET election are in! Your new Executive Council is as follows:

  • President Victor Schultz
  • Vice President Rouel Nepomuceno
  • Treasurer Lee Fuhrman

The term for the new council will be exactly one year. If you were interested in running this year, please consider running in the March 2020 election!

For each council member’s platform and a description of their positions, read the full announcement article here. For more information on Aomori AJET, read their charter here.

Aomori AJET organizes community-building events for JETs around the prefecture. In past years these have included a hanami gathering, Farewell Party, Orientation Dinner, Cabin Party, SDC Dinner, and Formal Dinner. Keep an eye out for details on the new council’s upcominghanami event!


Aomori AJET: Aomori AJET 2019-2020 Executive Council Election Results
Read the new Executive Council’s platform’s here!

Events: April 2019
Sakura, dogstooth, horseback archery: Rouel brings you the details for these events and more, all month long.

Ashton’s Anecdotes: Motivations For Frequent Cleaning
Ashton shares her methods for finding that get-clean groove despite the dark and cold.

Chatting With Charlie: Chatting with Zakky
Charlie asks “Okazaki De La Rocha,” an Aomori-based event planner and DJ, about his musical experience. He also sneaks in some book recommendations!

Forward All Inquiries: Budget Burdens
Victor responds to a traveler who has bit off a bit more than they can chew.

The Photo Diary: March 2019
Peter captures stunning images of the people and sights at Tatehana Wharf Morning Market.

Help Wanted

We’re still looking for new writers! If you’ve been thinking about it and you’re on the fence, I urge you to take the plunge and join the team! All Aomori JETs are welcome!

You can write on basically any topic you’d like. If you need inspiration, take a look at the “columns” sidebar on the right and browse for a bit. You could even resurrect or reinvent a discontinued columns if you chose. A brand new topic is equally welcome!

It’s also worth noting that we’re interested in giving JETs a platform for things other than writing, so please send us an email at if you have anything you want to share.

Josh Dolphin
Head Editor

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