April Events 2019

Compiled by Rouel Nepomuceno Jr.

Now that its finally warming up, you can safely crawl out of your kotatsu and enjoy the weather and these wonderful April events. April in Japan means one thing: cherry blossoms! With almost every major city in the prefecture holding Spring festivals and Cherry Blossom festivals, there is no shortage to choose from.

Events will be updated periodically so keep an eye out for the TBA events, especially for this year’s AJET Hanami!

Our top picks are in bold.

TBA April XX – Yearly AJET Hanami party details TBA

March 30 – April 14 Yu no Shima Dogtooth Violet Festival @Aomori City

April 3 “Sagasanji” Benten Shrine Festival @Oma City

April 20 Ashizaki Bay Clamming @Mutsu City

April 20 – April 21 Kabushima Festival @Hachinohe City

April 20 – April 21 Cherry Blossom Horseback Archery @Towada City

April 20 – April 21 Nakadomari Squid Tasting Festival @Nakadomari Town

April 26 – April 28 Shichinohe Hina Doll Festival @Shichinohe Town

April 27 – April 28 Hirofune Shigabou Festival @Hirakawa City

April 28 – April 30 Kogin Festival @Hirosaki City

April 29 National Authentic Tsugaru Folk Song Competition @Kuroishi City

Spring/Cherry Blossom Festivals

TBA April XX Gonohe Spring Festival @Gonohe Town

TBA April XX Mutsu City Cherry Blossom Festival @Mutsu City

TBA April XX Noheji Spring Festival @Noheji Town

TBA April XX Aomori Spring Festival (Gappo Park) @Aomori City

TBA April XX Aomori Spring Festival (Nogiwa Park) @Aomori City

April 20 – April 21 Tsugaru City Spring Festival @Tsugaru City

April 20 – April 27 Hokugen Plum Blossom Festival @Goshogawara City

April 20 – April 30 Kuroishi Cherry Blossom Festival @Kuroishi City

April 20 – May 5 Towada Spring Festival @Towada City

April 20 – May 6 Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival @Hirosaki city

April 20 – May 6 Misawa Spring Festival @Misawa City

April 27 – April 28 Namioka Cherry Blossom Festival @Namioka Town

April 27 – May 4 Rokunohe Spring Festival @Rokunohe Town

April 27 – May 5 Takko Town Cherry Blossom Festival @Takko Town

April 27 – May 6 Tohoku Town Cherry Blossom Festival @Tohoku Town

April 27 – May 6 Kirakawa Onoe Cherry Blossom & Garden Festival @Hirakawa City

April 28 – May 6 Hachinohe Spring Festival @Hachinohe Town

April 29 Itayanagi Cherry Blossom Festival @Itayanagi Town

April 29 – May 6 Oirase Town Spring Festival @Oirase Town

April 29 – May 6 Kanagi Cherry Blossom Festival @Goshogawara

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