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Aomori AJET 2019-2020 Executive Council Election Results

The results of the Aomori AJET election are in! Your new Executive Council is as follows:

  • President Victor Schultz
  • Vice President Rouel Nepomuceno
  • Treasurer Lee Fuhrman

The new council will serve for a term of exactly one year, and elections for the 2020-2021 Executive Council will be held in March 2020.

Victor, Lee, and Rouel will organize community-building events for JETs around the prefecture. In past years these have included a Hanami gathering, Farewell Party, Orientation Dinner, Cabin Party, SDC Dinner, and Formal Dinner. Keep an eye out for the new council’s plan for the 2019-2020 year!

Read on for information about each of the council positions and new members’ platforms. For a full description of Aomori AJET and each of the positions, read their charter here.

President: Victor Schultz

The President Position

The president is our organization’s figurehead. They are responsible for keeping things in line with the Aomori AJET charter and mission statement. The president directs all event-planning and delegates responsibilities to the other council members, but they are just as much a team player as they are a leader. Leadership skills, creativity, good communication, and flexibility are important for this position. The 2017-2019 President was Donalisa Gomez.

Victor’s Platform

My platform is composed of three simple planks. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. I plan to Reduce the stress of not having AJET leadership in the coming year. I will Reuse the wonderful traditions that have been passed down from previous leaders, ensuring beloved events such as Cabin Party and the Welcome dinner are perpetuated. And I intend to Recycle my experiences in event planning and team bonding to create a strong and united JET community here in Aomori.

Our community didn’t have high interest in elections this year.. With my three R’s in place, I hope to rekindle enthusiasm in this institution, and do my best to ensure it continues for future generations of JETs in Aomori. Remember, voting for me can make both of us a victor.

“Who the **** is Victor?” ~Someone who is now a very dear friend. I change hearts and minds, people
“Most people already know me, and if they don’t, electing me is an excellent icebreaker.” ~me, writing this short bio
“Risk-taker. Dream-maker. Barrier-breaker. And once, to get a free desert in a restaurant, proposal-faker.” ~Waiter from the dinner cafe that had great crepe cakes

Why run?
The people spoke, and I listened. Also, despite my chronically flippant attitude in life, I do take community very seriously. I know I can not just do this, but do it well, and in a way that listens and gives to the wonderful people here.

Most pertinent is my three years on the event planning committee at my university. During this time I helped organize a variety of parties, dinners, and sundry gatherings, including the largest Viennese Ball outside of Vienna. Other leadership experiences include Volleyball Co-Captain, Speech/debate Captain, Camp Counselor, Lifeguard, Culture Club President, Lead tutor, TA, Student Senator, Student Judicial Board Member, Second Chair Viola, and much, much more! Additionally, I have a multitude of connections with both ex-pats and local community members to draw on for ideas and support. I am the reigning Monarch of Aomori, but promise to abdicate from my royal positions if elected.

Vice President: Rouel Nepomuceno

The Vice President Position

The Vice President is our liaison with the Japanese community. They are not only responsible for contacting and reserving venues for events, but also for handling issues and requests from AJET, the venue, or members of the community regarding the details of those events. Adequate Japanese ability and culturally mindful interpersonal skills are important for this position. The 2017-2019 Vice President was Josh Dolphin.

Rouel’s Platform

Hey Aomori JETS!

I am Rouel Nepomuceno, a 2nd year JET based in Aomori City. Just your friendly neighborhood JET trying to bring the next AJET event to you!

I have enjoyed all the events that AJET has hosted, and I want to part of the team that makes these events a success. Moving forward, I want to assist the AJET president in creating new events that would include a wide range of interests, including but not limited to cultural, outdoors and sporting events. With these events I hope to help create a better community for the Aomori JETs.

I believe if we have a strong JET community, we will not only enjoy our stay here more, but we will be able to contribute more to the local communities we are apart of. For me, AJET is one of the groups that helps makes that happen.

In the two short years here, I have set up a few events in Aomori, such as snowshoeing, and rice harvesting, with each being fairly successful. I have been able to work as an intermediary between our group and Japanese community. Although I lack any formal certification my Japanese level is enough to workout such details. See you on voting day!

Treasurer: Lee Fuhrman

The Treasurer Position

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining our financial ledger, making sure any and all money spent and collected throughout the year is accurately accounted for, and handling the organization’s funds before, during, and after events. Applicants should be trustworthy, pragmatic, and detail-oriented. Money-handling skills and Google Sheets proficiency are important for this position. The 2017-2019 Treasurer was Alex Koury.

Lee’s Platform

My name is Lee Fuhrman and as potential treasurer for AJET I want to continue the tradition of welcoming JETs to the Blue Forest through helping organize events within our community. I have long admired Aomori AJET’s ability to bring people together from different regions and hope to take advantage of this opportunity to become further involved. The welcome party, barbeques, cabin party, and spring formal hosted by AJET have given me many fond memories. The events organized throughout the year really help shape the sense of community between JETs around the prefecture, which is a task that can be seen as challenging given the distance between the different regions. I also want to make sure to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all members of the community to encourage further participation in events.

I would be well-suited to the treasury position because I am organized and detail-oriented. I am proficient with using Google Sheets and Excel to keep track of information. In previous jobs before joining the JET Programme, I often counted out the register of the store during closing procedures, and was regularly entrusted with delivering register cash to and from the bank. I am eager to learn more about extent of the treasury duties and will do what I can to help Aomori AJET continue to serve the community. An important component to the continuation of Aomori AJET is to ensure that the organization maintains the financial ability to continue to grow our community. As treasurer, I would be committed to diligently keeping track of financial records including maintaining collection of participant fees. I plan to utilize google sheets to maintain a transparent record of all funds collected and distributed to aid in the continuation and growth of the Aomori AJET community within our prefecture.

Thank you for your consideration and time.

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