Aomori Snap / Special Feature

Summer Photo Contest: Newbies and Newness

By Samantha Martin

There is a balance, isn’t there, of when to have your phone out to take pictures and videos and when to be present for the moment at hand. Twelve years ago, with the advent of my pink Razr that could easily help me in my quest for the perfect mirror MySpace selfie, I knew of no such thing. Nowadays, there are all sorts of apps to help you keep in the moment, from ones that lock your phone for a set time to ones that give some tech-plant water.

I just want you to make eye contact over dinner, Sharon, is that too much to ask?

But surprisingly, one of the apps that helped me to pull my phone out less often required that I pull it out at least once every day. I’m talking about the 1SE, or 1 Second Everyday app.

This little program knits together the seconds of your day into a video-diary of sorts. You choose what moment to capture, can only crop it to max 1.5 seconds, and then go about your business. It’s nice for capturing a little moment on the fly, one that encapsulates your whole day easily, and then putting your phone back down again.

Cool, back to living in the moment.

At the end of whatever custom time frame you specify, whether it be seconds from one day, a second per day over the course of a month, a week, a year—

—the program knits everything into a seamless video that you can watch at your leisure. Not only can the application knit together video, but it can also knit together pics in this exact same manner. You’re left with a video chronicling something large that doesn’t take too much time to do.

Now, I know GMA’s usual photo column, Aomori Snap, is run by someone extremely adept at photography, whose photos and photo-encouragements were well thought-out and deliberate. This… is not quite the same? But with the same intentions.
What I would like for this column, at least for the summer, is for us to do a collective 1SE video montage together as a prefecture. If this goes over well, maybe this will be a regular feature on the Snap column!

This month’s challenge, in honor of the newcomers we’ll be getting in just two weeks, will be to capture Newbies or Newness. This means either grab a video/picture of you trying something new, or of a newbie, or BOTH, and send it to with the subject “1SE New” by September 1st. In your email, tell me what you did and who you are, so that I can credit you when the video gets smooshed together. Not only will your submission make it into the 1SE video I will compile for September’s second issue of GMA, but it will enter you into a raffle for a secret surprise prize.

“First time burping my ABCs, had to commemorate it!”

Literally anything within Aomori is good to go for this first compilation. If you’re in your apartment, with your buddies, by yourself, out on the beach, on a plane, in a train, in a box with a fox—if you’re new or doing something new, it’ll count towards this theme.
So pull your phones out, for just a few seconds, just for that one moment to capture that special thing. Then put it back in your pocket for a bit and look up, otherwise you might miss the fireworks.

Oh damn… you weren’t… you weren’t looking at your phone this whole time were you? Sorry man… they were beautiful, anyway…

4 thoughts on “Summer Photo Contest: Newbies and Newness

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