July, Volume II

In this issue:


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Special Feature

Summer Photo Contest: Newbies and Newness
Samantha Martin returns to GMA to run this year’s summer photo contest. Sam will use an app called “1 Second Everyday” to create a montage of all the submissions she receives from across the prefecture. Check out the details in the article, then send your photos to!


Aomori Snap: In Memorandum
For his final column, Tyler has arranged a “hall of fame,” a greatest hits gallery of the best photos he has ever come across.

BALLS: Three Summer Dramas You Don’t Want to Miss!
Victor takes a look at the three separate dramas unfolding around Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, and Kim Yong-Chol

Brief Interviews With Hideous JETs: Carrington Lewis-Sweeney Breaks Free
Elaina interviews Carrington about dance, music, and the future.

English is Weird: Contra(nym)ry to popular belief…
Lauren dives into the paradoxical nature of contranyms.

Extended Play: Lucie,Too: Refreshing indie-pop
Nick introduces us to the world of Lucie,Too, an indie-pop band hailing from Utsunomiya, Tochigi.

Help Wanted:

Shufu Tips: Retired writer: Amanda Addey-Jibb.
Column description: Helpful information on the upkeep of your home in Japan.

Japantics: Retired Writer: Natalie Laber.
Column description: Anecdotes and experiences drawn from life in Japan.

(Insert your title here) – If you have an idea for a column, I’d love to hear it! Start whenever! Email me now! If you want ideas, check out the columns sidebar for dozens of other discontinued articles just waiting to be revived.

GMA was made to be a creative outlet for all Aomori JETs—that includes you. Whether it’s a column idea, a one-shot article, photography, art, a comic, anything at all you’ve created, it has a place on this site. Send it to me, ask questions, or make comments by emailing

Letter from the editor

By Joshua Dolphin


With this issue I’ll have been editor-in-chief for four months. If you’ve been reading, by now you may have a feel for this relatively new version of GMA, and you may have formulated opinions about it. Maybe you even have suggestions, and I want to know them. Additionally, we’re on the verge of a new JET year and (hopefully) an influx of new readers and writers. For them and for you veterans, I want to make GMA the best blog it can be.

To that end, I’ve made up an anonymous  twelve-question survey, and I hope you’ll do me the favor of filling it out. I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone reading this now, so please don’t hesitate!

Leaving Writers

Tyler Huntley, writer of Aomori Snap, will be leaving the Blue Forest at the end of the month. Tyler began writing for GMA last November, providing us with useful articles on photography technique. His attention to detail and devotion to his craft have always made reading and editing his articles a pleasure for me. Read his last article here. Thank you Tyler!

Ben McClymont, writer of CLICK HERE! since April, has also come to the end of his time with GMA and JET. You may also recognize his absurd style from various comments around the site. A lover of satire and nonsense, Ben’s tenacious levity will be missed. Thank you Ben!

New Writers

We don’t have any yet. A few people have expressed interest, but nothing solid. Since we’re leaving a couple, this is going to leave us slightly short handed for the time being. Taroscopes will move to Volume II next month in order to balance the two issues, but that’s a short-term solution. If you’ve been thinking about contributing to GMA, please don’t hesitate to contact me a! All Aomori JETs are welcome!

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