Trivia Trap

6月 Rock

By Alex Koury

Hello again, trivia fans. We have a winner from last month’s Mother’s Day-themed Trivia Trap! Congratulations to Genevieve Mollitor for getting all three questions correct! Our runner-up was Peter Grzywacz, who was 2 for 3. Go ahead and check out last month’s updated post if you’d like to see the answers!

I’m super excited right now because my favorite Japanese rock band is in town this week! With rock and roll on my mind and a soft spot for puns, Roku Gatsu is all about Rock.

As always, if you submit correct answers for all of the questions, you’re entered to win an awesome prize, gift card or otherwise, worth ¥1000!

Let’s rock!

1. Who was the disc jockey who popularized the phrase “Rock and Roll” to describe the rhythm and blues and country music that he played on his show?

2. What’s the real name of the drummer for The Beatles, and who did he replace when he joined the band?

3. There is only one rock and roll song on the Golden Records, the two records included aboard the Voyager spacecraft. Name the song and the artist.


1. Alan Freed popularized the term thanks to the so-called “Rock and Roll Session” on his show.

2. Richard Starkey (better known as Ringo Starr) replaced Pete Best as The Beatles’ drummer in 1962. 

3. The only rock song on Voyager’s Golden Records is “Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry.

As always, use any means necessary to find the answers to the questions. Send your answers to Answers are due by Friday June 22nd! The winner will be announced in the July Vol 1 issue of Good Morning Aomori.

Do you have any interesting trivia or facts you want to share with the Aomori crowd? If your trivia is chosen, you’re automatically entered into the prize drawing! E-mail us at


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