Trivia Trap

Olympic Fever 2018!

By Peter Underwood

The Winter Olympics have just concluded, and everyone has gone back to their respective countries as Olympians. At the time of writing day 3 is concluding, and there’s already been a bunch of cool stuff to remind us how great the Olympics can be. See how much you remember of the coverage below.

Here are the two wonderful prizes you can try for:

1)¥1000 Starbucks gift card
2) Mysterious Mystery Box of Mysterious Mystery! Tell us what kind of stuff you’re into, and place your faith in me to deliver a worthy prize. It could be anything–even a ¥1000 Starbucks gift card!

Here we go:

  1. What American correspondent was dropped because of his comments about Japan and Korea during the opening ceremony?
  2. What popular anime soundtrack provided the backing for a Japanese pairs figure skating routine,?
  3. Which two events are scheduled to give medals out on every scheduled day? [as opposed to having some event days where no medals are decided]

As always, use any means necessary to find the answers to the questions. Send your answers to Answers are due by Friday 16th March! The winner will be announced in the April Vol 1 issue of Good Morning Aomori.

Do you have any interesting trivia or facts you want to share with the Aomori crowd? If your trivia is chosen, you’re automatically entered into the prize drawing! E-mail us at

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