Aomori Missed Connections

The cutest electrician in Japan – w4m

Me: sitting at my desk sipping a cup of joe, just trying to get through a painfully dull morning at the office.

You: the cutest electrician in Japan. Glasses, effortless sideswept bangs, blue electrician (? some type of maintenance? to this day I don’t know) outfit, coming in to make sure our alarms were all in working order. The shapeless uniform may have concealed Dat A$$ but they say glasses are the windows to the eyes.


You truly captivated my heart that warm summer day. I wish I would have approached you to ask what your job actually is, but until then you’ll live on forever in my heart and in my soul as the most handsome electrician in all of Japan.

2 thoughts on “Aomori Missed Connections

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