August, Volume 1

Festival Fever

Letter from the Editor


Hello, and to all our newbies who are arriving this month, welcome to GMA! I’m sure you have lots of questions and concerns about moving into your new homes and new lives up here in Aomori. Hopefully we can help to answer some of them!

Good Morning Aomori is Aomori’s JET-run publication. What does that mean? It’s an online publication (re: blog) written by JET participants for JET participants (and any other English-speakers in the prefecture!). It is almost entirely funded by Aomori AJET where prizes and contests are concerned, but otherwise our writers are working completely on a volunteer basis. It runs twice a month, with different columns in each monthly volume. Each column covers a broad theme but will have different specific topics every month. We also sometimes run one-off articles and special features. GMA is always changing because, by the very nature of the JET program, its writers and collaborators are always changing.

That being said, we are always looking for new writers and articles to help keep GMA running! If you are at all interested in writing, or just looking for a more productive way to spend your time at the BOE, please feel free to get in touch! Whether you’d like to take over a past or current column, or are interesting in writing a one-shot article, we accept all submissions (granted they are relevant and appropriate). Email us at with any thoughts/questions/concerns you might have.

For all JETs new and old, if you haven’t already, please consider filling out this short feedback survey! Even if you’ve only just started reading GMA, you can help shape it into the kind of publication you want to read. Any and all readers are encouraged to submit their input.

Good Morning Aomori Feedback Survey

August is a great time to arrive in Aomori because it’s festival season! If you are newly arrived, even though I know you must be exhausted, you should definitely try to hit up one or four of the summer festivals near you! Nebuta, Neputa, Tachineputa, Sansha Taisai, and more are all happening this week/weekend, so take an hour or two to check out some of Aomori’s most famous cultural attractions!

To take full advantage of summer, take part in GMA’s summer photo contest!

We will be hosting a photo competition for all Aomori JET participants, from August 1st 12:00 am to September 31st 11:59 pm. The winner will be randomly selected and then announced in September’s second volume issue on September 15th. The winner will receive their choice of a) a Starbucks gift card worth ¥2000, b) an Amazon gift card worth ¥2000, or c) a mystery gift with a value of up to ¥2000! Pretty exciting I know. Entries must be related to life in Aomori prefecture in some way, and cannot contain profanity or the personal information of minors, but otherwise there are no strict rules on what can be depicted in your summer photo entries. (But maybe bonus points if it includes other JETs and/or summer festivals!)

To enter the contest, you have 2 options:

  1. Follow our new Instagram account and submit photos by tagging @gmablog in your picture! You’ll automatically be entered. Make sure to use as many crazy fun hashtags as possible for added flair.
  2. Send in photo entries the old-fashioned way by email to

Don’t forget to title your photo, whether in the Instagram caption or through email! You may submit as many photos as you like for as many chances to win. Please be aware that by submitting photos to the contest, you are allowing Good Morning Aomori the right to repost your photos with photographer’s credit on our Facebook page and/or WordPress blog for the duration of the contest. No photos will be used for monetary purposes, but only for promotion and sharing the love across the ken. For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Now, finally, on to the GMA content. This month’s offerings:

Events – August’s events all organized and neatly delivered just for you.

Trivia Trap – Participate in this month’s Trivia Trap for the chance to win a cool prize! Because why not??

Forward All Inquiries – Jackson is back again with more solid, deep advice for our curious readers.

Japantics – An interesting and slightly embarrassing tale from the mountains of Japan. Read on…

Hot Springs Eternal – Another in-depth review of one of Aomori’s finest onsen selections.

Shufu Tips – Check out this month’s article for help with cleaning your new apartment & possibly more (but mostly just cleaning)!

Hope you enjoy this month, and keep checking back for more updates and articles along the way!

Amanda Addey-Jibb
Head Editor


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