July, Volume 1

Hot Rush

Letter from the Editor


Alright everyone, welcome to July! The weather is hot, the birds are singing, and the cool biz sleeves are short. Today in particular, I’d like to wish all my fellow canucks a happy Canada Day! Maybe you’re missing home a little bit (I know I am), but don’t let that get in the way of your patriotism. Embrace that red and white–we’re cultural ambassadors, after all!

The same goes for all my American friends, happy (soon-to-be) Independence Day! Even though we don’t get a long weekend for it, I hope you enjoy your Fourth of July and celebrate in the best way you see fit. With the exceptionally warm weather this past week, I think it’s totally appropriate for us all to get in the spirit.

Now begins the last month before summer vacation, or possibly flights home (or elsewhere abroad). Don’t let the time slip away, as it so often does, or the countdown intimidate you! Be sure to take advantage of the last few events of this JET year, in your area or elsewhere. In particular, don’t miss the Bai Bai Beaches leavers bash happening on July 8th at Asamushi Beach in Aomori. There’s sure to be tons of fun games and tasty snacks, as well as the opportunity to say goodbye to good friends.

Anyway, on to the important stuff:


Events – Click to see what great events this month has in store for you, and some of the upcoming events for new JETs in August as well!

Hot Springs Eternal – This month David covers Aomori’s own Osorezan, and the strongly scented hot springs that accompany it.

Trivia Trap – This week’s theme is Japanese mascots! Send in your wild guesses for the chance to win a Starbucks gift card or a mystery prize!

Shufu Tips – This month covers strategies for reducing bulk and wasted space in the closet (and in your luggage).

Off Route – In Karyn’s last article for GMA, read all about road tripping through Hokkaido, with all the must-see scenery and stops along the way!

Forward All Inquiries – FAI is brought to you by a special guest writer this month! Check it out to read strategies for making the most of every event and not missing out (a very relevant topic for this season).


Sadly, this is Karyn’s last article with us for Off Route. It was a pleasure and an honour to have her bring us along on her journeys thus far, and we wish her well in all future travels after JET! I am sure an exciting path awaits. If you are interested in taking over for Off Route, or in submitting a one-off piece for the column, please email us at

Enjoy the sunshine, and I hope you enjoy this month’s articles too!

Amanda Addey-Jibb
Head Editor


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