June: Volume 2

Sunny Days

Letter from the Editor


Hello everyone and welcome to the long stretch of stress and sweat until true summer arrives. Before we dive in I’d like to remind everyone to take 2 minutes to fill out our very quick feedback survey, if you haven’t already. Please help us make GMA even better! It’ll be worth it…

GMA Feedback Survey

We’ve got about a month to go before summer vacation, and as plans are coming together and English camps are being scheduled, remember to take a minute to breathe. A lot of us are leaving this summer (very sadly), so there’s a lot on everyone’s plate. But cut yourself a little slack and give yourself some room to relax every now and then. Turn off the phone and go sit in the sun (or the rain). Get yourself an ice cream from the conbini. Take your time and then plan out the month ahead. You got this!

Whether you’re packing to return home or just running around at work preparing for speech contest, make sure you also take some time to say hello (or goodbye) to the ones you love here. As the days keep rushing by, it’ll be July before you know it. Don’t let the time slip away–soak up every drop and spend time with the people who matter. We’ve all impacted the lives of both Japanese locals and other JETs, so make sure you put some time aside for them too.

On that note, make sure you attend all the upcoming events in your area to make the most of your last month and a half together. Let’s have a great end to June and beginning of the summer!


AJET Event: Read more about Aomori AJET’s upcoming leaver’s bash, Bai Bai Beaches at Asamushi beach!

Aomori Spotlight: Harrison’s here to introduce you to Yomogita’s Ashley Bell, a first year JET from Northern California.

Hot Springs Eternal: Let David whisk you away to the long forgotten wonders of Dai Onsen in Iwate.

Japantics: Natalie details for you one of Japan’s most truly majestic beasts.

Forward All Inquiries: This week, Jackson covers procrastination and self-motivation in his reply to your reader-submitted questions!

BALLS: Victor covers the latest world news, including the UK election and more.

English is Weird: Lauren brings us back to the classroom with this month’s lesson, reduplication in the English language.

MediaBug: In his last installment of the column, Michael introduces us to Shiina Ringo, his favorite artist!


I’m sad to report that this is Michael’s last article for MediaBug! Hope you enjoyed all his indie and underground music recommendations over the past two years. We’d like to thank him for providing an awesome and relevant soundtrack to our lives in Japan, and wish him well after JET! If you are interested in taking over for MediaBug, or want to start your own new column, please email us at

As always, hope you enjoy!

Amanda Addey-Jibb
Head Editor


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