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AJET Event: Bai Bai Beaches

By Aomori AJET


Facebook Event page

We’ve laughed together, played together, gaijin smashed together… and now some of our best and brightest are leaving us for new and exciting things. But, before we we let you go, please join us for one final, fantastic farewell beach barbecue bash.

Who? Leavers and returners alike.

What? Bring your favorite drinks and grillable delights and AJET will barbecue them to your liking on our grill. Also, beach volleyball!

Where? Asamushi beach.

When? July 8th starting at 10am.

Why? because we love you, that’s why.

And if the party just doesn’t want to stop, there’s an option to stay the evening with us at Asamushi onsen and keep the friendship and festivities rolling. Please let us know ASAP if you can make it and if you’d be interested in staying overnight

Check out the Facebook event info here and be sure to RSVP!

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