June, Volume 1

Looking Bright

Letter from the Editor

Hello faithful readers!

I’d like to ask a moment of your time to fill out a short survey. The more responses we can get, the more I can improve GMA and shape it into a bigger and brighter publication. Please take a moment of your busy day to answer these 14 short questions!

Good Morning Aomori Feedback Survey

I hope you’re all enjoying the start of warm weather! The cherry blossoms may be gone and there may be rain on the forecast, but that doesn’t stop the warm winds of summer from blowing our way. With midterms happening it may feel like either the busiest time or the quietest time of spring semester for you, but either way take some time to feel the breeze on your cheek and the rain in your palm.

Now that we’re fully emerged from our cocoon of winter hibernation, and golden week feels like a distant memory (although only one short month ago, that month felt like four), it seems like the time for travel plans and group gatherings is in full swing. Take advantage and don’t let it pass you–especially if you are a departing JET this summer. Try not to stress about the future, and instead enjoy the time you have now with friends and all the strange, fun, quirky things you can only find here in Japan.

This month’s first issue has the usual suspects, be sure not to miss it!


Events: Not sure what to do this month? We’ve got you covered with the usual thorough list of events in the prefecture!

Trivia Trap: This month is all bout grammar–something I’m sure you’re all masters of as English teachers, right? Test your knowledge with this month’s questions!

Off-Route: Get a little taste of one of our prefecture’s most famous tourist attractions, as Karyn shows off the rice paddy art of Inakadate!

NomNom Tabemono: Get ready to open your mind (and mouth) to the other red meat at Gonohe’s famous Ogata Meat Plaza.

Forward All Inquiries: Jackson deals out some important wisdom in this month’s column, where he addresses workplace tensions and cultural differences.

Hot Springs Eternal: Let yourself be taken on a journey through the beautiful nanohana fields and rejuvenating onsen of Yokohama, Aomori.

Shufu Tips: This month is all about the most dreaded section of the kitchen: the sink.


I would also like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to Mina Kim, as this will be her last issue writing for Good Morning Aomori. Thanks for all the delicious recipes and reviews! If you are interested in taking over for the NomNom Tabemono column, or if you have any questions or comments about the publication, be sure to hit us up at!

Amanda Addey-Jibb
Head Editor


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