May, Volume 2

Warm Winds

Letter from the Editor

Hello cherished readers and guests, and welcome back for May’s second issue of GMA!

I hope you enjoyed your golden week and hanami adventures. Whether you went exploring in a new country, visited a new place in Japan, or stayed home and cleaned your apartment for five days, I hope you took the time to relax and recharge. Now we are in the long stretch until summer vacation—which is really only two months, but could feel like an eternity. As the weather gets warmer, it’ll be easier than ever to try new things and meet new people. Be sure to keep a positive outlook and take care of yourself! Do the things that you gave up over winter because of laziness and dreadful weather. Now there’s no excuse for you not to go for a jog or to start studying regularly or to go see your friends on the other side of the prefecture. Enjoy the sunny days, because we’ re probably in for more than a few rainy ones as well!


This issue, we’ve got seven new articles for you to enjoy. Get the details below!

MediaBug: Michael shares his top pics for visual kei artists and offers a wide selection of recommended viewing for your pleasure!

Aomori Spotlight: Harrison interviews the mysterious Nick Bingham from ____ in this installment of Aomori Spotlight. Be sure to feed your curiosity by checking it out.

BALLS: Victor covers the latest French election news and brings us deeper into the conversation.

Hot Springs Eternal: David invites you on a weekend getaway through Iwate and Yamagata prefectures, where you can visit a temple which partly inspired Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and, as always, top notch onsen.

English is Weird: Lauren tackles the unconsciously known but inexplicable grammar point that confuses even native speakers: adjective word order.

Japantics: Natalie brings us the latest scoop in the ongoing story of life in Japan—a crime drama with a comical twist. (Or maybe a comedy with a dramatic twist? You decide.)

Shufu Tips: In this last Spring Cleaning edition article, learn some of the vital basics for cleaning your kitchen before you settle in for a nice long summer.


Hope you like it, and take advantage of the beautiful mild weather! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to hit us up at See you again in June!

Amanda Addey-Jibb
Head Editor


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