BALLS: May Edition

By Victor Schultz

Est-ce que vous parlez la langue de la capitulation? Je plaisante, je veux dire la langue de l’amour. Even if you don’t speak French, perhaps you still have some idea that a Macaroon beat a Pen in a big election in France, non? Well, it’s true, Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential Election, earning victory with two-thirds of the vote.

The two French presidential candidate standing next to each other in similar clothes.

France voted and the results were clear: When it comes to Navy Blue suits, Macron wore it better.

Marine Le Pen was seen as a Trump-parallel in France, campaigning on strong borders, discouraging globalized initiatives, and nationalistic economic strategies. We talked about her a little in a previous BALLS, remember? She also advocated a French Exit from the EU. (Frexit sounds like a pill you take after gorging on 4lbs of cheese and get so stopped up you can’t even pass wind.)

 Around the world, the pendulum has been swinging back towards the far-right. Despite this, Le Pen continued to struggle in polls leading up to the election. Contributing to this was the Dutch Elections, which saw nationalistic populist Greet Wilders defeated by Mark Rutte. Wilders worked closely with Le Pen in creating a block in the EU congress, and had a similar campaign strategy to Le Pen. (A writer unable to overcome bias might call it fearmongering.)

A who from whoville

Greet Wilders rose to the spotlight as mayor of Whoville, where he campaigned  to fortify the town borders against all non-whos.

 Le Pen did nothing to adjust her campaign after the Dutch elections. Macron, however, shifted his rallies and his rhetoric to an even more positive note. His gatherings were brightly lit and were likened to celebrations, with pop music and bright colors. In contrast, Le Pen held somber affairs that were overshadowed by heavy protest and police presence.

 Despite this progressive gain in France, the global climate is becoming decidedly chilly towards a variety of issues commonly thought to be staples of human rights.  Health care in America, alleged concentration camps and confirmed brutality against homosexuals in Chechnya, and of course religious intolerance just about everywhere. (With some variety in which religion is being intolerant of others.)


Hobbes may have been right,                  humans are just huge jerks

 It is therefore important to remember on an individual level to speak up when and where you can. Those who advance a hate-filled agenda will always take silence as tacit approval, even when they create the silence themselves by generating fear and suspicion.

 We’ve come a long way since the dark ages, but we’ve still got quite a bit to go.

two sad men

“Mr. Trump, I thought you said that if I pumped more hot air into that email scandal I could get a free weekend at Mar A Lago!” “Yeah but I miss The Apprentice. You’re fired!” -Actual transcript of what happened, maybe.

ALSO: The President of the USA has just fired the director of the FBI. This is super concerning, given that there are currently investigations ongoing against Trump by the FBI. So that’s fun.


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