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Mt. Hakkoda: Adventures in Snowshoeing

By Kyle Buck

The mountains that our lovely prefecture of Aomori grew up around are beautiful. No matter what season you venture into them, you are sure to come away with a sense of awe. For me, the pinnacle of its beauty is to stand atop Mt. Hakkoda on a crisp, clear winters day, looking out over the pure white snow that rests on every corner of the blue forest.

 To begin a trek up Mt. Hakkoda, you must first get to it. A drive through the mountains alone can be worth it. Especially in early April after the Golden Line is reopened.

The Golden Line before it is plowed.

The Golden Line after being plowed.

I would love to see these in action!

My family measuring the height of the snow wall. My dad stands about 2 meters tall, and can reach nearly 3.


Some great views can also be had by walking a short distance from your car. 

One of the buildings at Sukayu.


One of the most popular ways to view this winter wonderland is to take the Hakkoda Ropeway up.

Even the parking lot is very cool.

Arriving at the top.

Snow monsters abound all around here.

To ascend the mountain from here, we are going to need snowshoes. 

These snow-blown posts are a special breed of snow monster.

From the summit of Mt. Oodake we can see Mt. Iwaki, Aomori City, and many other parts of the prefecture.

I think I can see some of your houses from here.

On our way down, we were relieved to discover that the emergency hut was still accessible.


I hope that everybody gets a chance to experience Mt. Hakkoda in the winter. But whether you are snowshoeing, skiing, or just driving through, be sure to stay safe. Tell others where you are going, bring a friend, and be alert to rapidly changing weather. Speaking of the changing weather, let’s enjoy some hanami!

By the time you read this, I think many of the cherry blossoms will have already bloomed and the viewing parties will have finished. I hope you got a lot of pictures and made a lot of memories. If you would like to share your experiences with other Photo Corner readers please e-mail us at

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This will be Kyle’s last month writing (photographing) for Photo Corner, so we’d like to thank him for all his hard work on the column! It’s been a pleasure to read, and we hope you enjoyed his articles too. If you are interested in taking over Photo Corner, or just have a few nice shots lying around you’d like to share, please get in touch with us at !


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