By Michael Diana

Finally, it’s spring. Birds are singing. Flowers are singing. Trees are singing. Everything is singing. Just, singing everywhere, all the time, always. Including the new school year! And as they say, new school year, new school YOU. Or maybe no one says it, but I bet it’s going to catch on soon!

And with a new school year comes new music! Or at least a relatively new artist to bring to your attention.

KOM_I (vocals/performance)
Kenmochi Hidefumi (composition/arrangement)
Dir.f (everything else)
Major debut: 2016/11/1, SUPERKID digital single

WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA formed in 2012 when Dir.f and KOM_I met at a mutual friend’s party and he asked if she would join. Apparently at the time there was another singer and they were going to try for a ~Japanese~ themed version of Perfume (since this was back at the peak of Perfume’s popularity, although right about the time Nakata was drying up creatively and that’s another article entirely), but the other singer/s quickly decided they didn’t want to do it. They started uploading their works to youtube in July of 2012, and the first two songs are featuring KOM_I and another singer. Their first music video was uploaded in November 2012, “Brutus.”
Presumably Kenmochi Hidefumi was already signed on to do this project when KOM_I joined, but he was in Osaka at the time pursuing activities there, so they held band meetings via Skype. Once the group started gaining traction however, he moved to Tokyo for more convenient conferencing.

Musically, they’re that kind of ubiquitous electro-pop, which makes sense since the original goal was to be a Perfume-esque group, but they’re at least a decent iteration of that. Since KOM_I was left the only singer they moved a bit towards rap-like vocals versus singing because KOM_I isn’t really a singer. She can carry a tune, but that’s about it. Her role is less about being a good singer and more about being a performing personality to make music videos work. As such, their oeuvre can get a bit monotonous to listen to after a while since their songs all tend to be at a similar tempo and of a similar style, but it’s better to stay away from ballads when you haven’t got a singer who can sing a ballad.

Lyrically they have a certain wit and humor about them, and many of their songs are written thematically based on their release. Their first physical release after going major was called UMA, and all the songs were about various cryptids: Yetis, chupacabras, and Krakens, oh my! Their first major full album, SUPERMAN, is about great people in history(? And literature?): King Kamehameha, Audrey Hepburn, Aladdin. The cat from Natsume Souseki’s I Am a Cat. Historical figures has been a theme of theirs for many years, starting with Kuukai all the way back in July 2012.









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