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Organizing (with whiteboards)

By Jackson Hale

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Dear Forward All Inquiries,

I am having a difficult time getting organized. Please tell me some good ways to get organized. And also tell me your favorite movie 🙂

– Disorganized Debbie



Welcome back to Forward All Inquiries. My name is Jackson, and I am here, so don’t you fear!

So Debbie, you want to know how to become organized.

Step 1, get a planner. Step 2, write down your schedule. Step 3, every morning, confirm due dates. Step 4, write down new events every day. Step 5, you are organized, but not really doing anything yet, you should probably start doing stuff now.

If you do that, you will pretty much know when things happen, and basically be organized.

Now, ok, let me let you know what I do. Please watch this video of the best, sweetest comedy ever made. (Careful, there are some swear words and mentions of adult activity). This clip also is good comedy writing because you get a sense of the character dynamics in less than  3 minutes.

This scene illustrates SCRUM. SCRUM (I don’t know if it is supposed to be capitalized or not) is a type of lean management. You break down projects down into categories, and further again into tasks. (Jared, the manager character calls them Epics and Stories). For example, here is my Scrum Board for English TV Gonohe.

I divided production into Filming, Editing, and Production. You can also see important personal tasks, as well as a section for projects I do for other ALTs. Dividing projects this way not only gives a real sense of progression, it allows you to see where progress is on any given project instantly. If you are feeling overwhelmed, having the ability to look at all the things you need to accomplish allows you to scale down (or scale up) your anxieties to match what you need to do.

But this is project oriented, and Scrum is very much a “Just-in-time” type of management. Lets say you want to instead have a long term oversight. Outside of your planner, you should have a whiteboard like in the office at your schools. Here, look:

This is my whiteboard. It is next to my bed. On the right, I have a little calendar that use to I keep track of my schedule. On the calendar, I write down things like drinking parties, school, and preschool. You can’t see it here, but if I have a meeting or a deadline, I will write it in blue marker. And then green sticky notes are chores. Every night before I sleep,  I write down the next day’s tasks on the right side of the board. This picture was taken on the afternoon of March 24th, so as you can see I have erased the Friday events and have written that I will make a study plan, get hotels for an upcoming trip to Hokkaido, and  (as I do every day) which rooms I need to clean (it is always every room, FYI).

So, I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for ways to get organized.

Also, I don’t have a favorite movie. But when I was a teenager, I really loved “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”


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