Photo Corner

Towada’s Winter Story Festival 2017

By Kyle Buck

Another great festival has come and gone, but our memories and pictures will last a lifetime!

A familiar sign welcomes visitors to the snow festival.

Take some time to relax in the piping hot foot-bath. Just make sure to dry off well before you put those boots back on, kids.

The snow huts were back, but the taxidermied and inflatable animals stayed home this year.

Nebuta face ice carvings?

These food vendors also have heated seating areas for you to enjoy your meal.

The snow bar this year had several large, menacing monster heads in it!


Cups of ice and frozen apples.

Dog, lamb, and cougar drinks? I think they should focus less on animals and more on winter themes.

The stage this year shows a monk taming the serpent that lives in Lake Towada.


One of the performers was wearing the Nebuta costume meant for the hottest part of the year. Brr. I hope they jumped into that hot foot-bath as soon as they finished.

And of course, a beautiful fireworks display.

Since it’s hard to capture the magic of fireworks in a single image, check out these gifs of 10 to 20 images!


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