March Vol 2 – A Period of Change

By Peter Underwood

Hi everyone, a period of great change is upon us here in Aomori. Our students are graduating, high school test results are being released, and winter is slowly turning into a season not intent on giving us frostbite.

Similarly, things are changing in the JET community – AJET Elections are here, and I’m stepping down as GMA Head Editor.

Firstly, AJET Elections! AJET had a few applicants this year – one for each of the President and Vice President roles, and two for the role of Treasurer. That means we have an election on our hands! Click here to find out who applied, the platforms for every candidate, and how to vote. Voting runs until March 31st.

Secondly, GMA! This issue will be my last as GMA Head Editor before I hand over to Amanda Addey-Jibb next issue. It’s been an absolute blast being your head editor for the past year, and I’ve had so much fun working with a whole slew of talented writers and columnists, bring news, events, all kinds of info to you. I’m incredibly excited to see what the next year holds for GMA, so please join me in welcoming Amanda to the publication.

And of course, we have our usual raft of kickass features for you to indulge in.

This month, we have:

AJET ELECTION SPECIAL – Candidates, voting rules and how to vote, all here. Get out and Rock the Vote!

Photo Corner – Every year I miss the winter story festival, and every year photos like this make me incredibly jealous. If you’re like me, live through these incredible Towada’s Winter Story Festival 2017 photos.

Aomori Spotlight – Sarah Shelnutt gets the spotlight turned on her this week, including her time as a volunteer firefighter! That’s awesome.

BALLS – Asia focused news today with a family twist, in BALLS – March Edition

Mediabug – Hand on heart, Michael’s music Mediabug columns are always fascinating for the new artists I learn about every month. This month is no different, introducing us to the husky tones of Chiaki Naomi 

Hot Springs Eternal – Near Sukayu onsen, but feel like some variety? Sukayu isn’t the only great onsen in that area, as David tells us in Sometimes, it is worth a 凸凹 trip to get there…

Techknowledgey – Finally, Daven brings us a round up of the review scores for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I want it. Now.


So long everyone, and thanks for all the fish.


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