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Hello everyone! The time has come for you to vote on who you want to be leading AJET through until 2018!

This year, all three positions were open (President, Vice President and Treasurer), but only treasurer received more than one application. This means that your new President and Vice President are all ready, and set to go! However, we still need your votes to decide who will take over AJET Treasurer for the next year.

The voting, and this post, will be laid out in this way:

  • Voting will be held from March 14th – March 31st
  • You are only allowed to vote if you have re-contracted for the 2017-2018 year
    • Applicants are able to vote for themselves
  • Applicants are not allowed to promote themselves in any way other than the platform posted here.
  • You can vote here: Voting Form
    • To vote, you will need your JET ID Number
    • This is so the PAs can track the voting process to make sure everything is fair

Below will be the platforms from the Treasurer applicants, so you can read and make your decision. Underneath that, we’ll reveal who are going to be your President and Vice President for the coming year, and their platforms.

Even though two of the positions are not being chosen through election this year, they still want to hear your voices! You still have a say in all that goes on in AJET. As always, you can contact us (even anonymously!) through aomoriajet.funayman.me, or by email at aomoriajet@gmail.com

Let’s meet the candidates!

Treasurer – 2 candidates

Kaitlyn Phillips

Hello Aomori, this is Kaitlyn from Towada. I’m in my first year here and recently I’ve been wanting to challenge myself as well as get involved more in my surrounding community. I know AJET does so much for all of us here so, hoping to give something back, I’ve decided to run for the position of treasurer. I am an all around honest person, quite organized when it comes to money matters, and have a great eye for detail. In other words, I think I’m a solid contender for this position.
Before JET I was the treasurer of my sorority for two consecutive years while attending university. I became efficient at book keeping, managing budgets, keeping track of dues (or who owes what), and cutting unnecessary costs whenever parties rolled around. I was also co-social chair for a year which gave me a lot of experience in creating events from scratch. For AJET I would apply these same skills to the events hosted each year, aiming to maximize the good times while minimizing the cost.


Alex Koury

My name is Alex Koury, and I’m in my second year with the JET program as a Jr. High School and Elementary School ALT based in Hirosaki City. I feel so fortunate to have received this placement, because not only do I love Aomori prefecture itself and my place here, but I am also aware of how welcoming and fun our community is! I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and become friends with ALTs and CIRs across the prefecture, and I’ve always especially looked forward to the big AJET events where we can all get together.

I’m applying for the position of Treasurer on the AJET Executive Council because I want to help keep this organization and the events it offers running smoothly. I enjoy counting and working with money, and I have a physics minor, so I promise that I’ve take more than my fair share of math classes! Mostly, however, I like that the treasurer is the one who greets every single person who comes to an event, and I would love the chance to be the friendly, smiling face that you see when you show up for a gathering.

President – 1 candidate

Donalisa Gomez

In the winter of January 1994 , Chicago, Illinois was invaded, but has since been liberated as of July 2016; however, it would never be the same again…

Hello there~ My name is Donalisa Gomez and I am a first year JET in Hachinohe! As a first year this may be a bit of a stretch, but I’m striving for the President Chair in this upcoming term period. I cherish every day I spend here as a JET because despite the odds stacked against me, I made it to an unknown part of Japan (to me) last July, and instantly fell in love with everything from the breathtaking landscapes to the tear-jerking interactions I have with my students (in class or after school at clubs) and locals in “Japanglish”(whether at local English conversation classes and events, independent English events, or just new native friends every day) that tug on my heartstrings just thinking about them. I honestly love hearing people’s “story”, and the weights (good and bad) on their minds, and I believe it takes a level of comfort and trust to do so, and I want to earn that from as many people as I can in my lifetime. You (at least those of you in Hachinohe, or your teachers) have probably heard rumors about me (because I have from teachers of other schools) about me staying late at school, going to school events on my days off that are not required, volunteering for almost every BOE event offered unless there’s a serious clash in my schedule. As such, I jumped at the chance to re-contract under the Hachinohe City Board of Education, so I figured why not continue to make the most out of the opportunity and do all that I can with this next year I’ve been blessed with here and reach even further. I definitely credit this way of thinking for getting me to be where I am in my life now, and know I would be nothing without it; in every aspect from academic to personal growth. Never stop. When something seems impossible, fight back even harder. Reaching a goal is not the end, it’s a “now what’s next?”
As for my personality, I’m simultaneously bold, loud, and proud, yet kind, giving, and nurturing. I like to be in a position both internally and with my interpersonal relationships that I can be of use. I want to be able to offer more, whether it be to myself or to others. I always say, “if my being a part of this team/program can help not myself but someone else in any way, then I’ll call it a success”. So what’s next, you ask? I want to take my obsession with Japan (it’s bigger than anime, but you’ve already read a lot, my apologies) and together with my urge to be helpful and useful, create opportunities for us all to explore this opportunity we’ve all have earned and make the most of it, together. I want to stand up and be a voice to make AJET an association that benefits us all; from different backgrounds, walks of life, and future goals. I want to know who you are and how an organization like this can help you. Sweet and short, I want better for myself, for those I care about, and for those who would say, I don’t know, trust me with the responsibility to be their AJET President for the next year…?
I’d like to be a part of what goes into such things and try to create more intriguing or even enticing offers to our JET community as a whole and possibly have interactions and experiences which the effects of will continue to ripple through our lives even after our time on JET is done. Then, of course, there will be a new “what’s next?” Thank you for reading my madness~ I appreciate your time and support! Let me do


Vice President – 1 candidate

Josh Dolphin

Starting a new life in a foreign country can be a disorienting experience, to say the least. On top of that, the JETs in Aomori Prefecture are spread out, and many are placed in rural, isolated areas. This makes AJET’s events essential for building a supportive community, and I think such a community can make a real difference in our well-being, leading to a better experience in the JET program. It has for me, at any rate. The connections I made at AJET and Regional events did a lot to give order to the chaos surrounding my arrival, and even before I had left America the JETs who reached out to me through social media made me feel welcome. Now that I have my footing here, I can offer this kind of support to others, and participating in AJET as Vice President seems like a great way to do it.
Another thing that attracted me to the VP position was the emphasis on acting as a liaison between AJET and the Japanese community. This is something I often do when traveling with other JETs, and I’m always looking for opportunities to use Japanese. The marketing aspect of the position appeals to me as well. I worked for a short time at Vector Marketing (the sales division of Cutco Cutlery), and I also went door-to-door selling natural gas supply plans for Just Energy, a job I really enjoyed. AJET’s central purpose, community building, is the kind of activity I seek out wherever I can. At the moment there are three significant ways I do this. First, I organize and carry out monthly cultural and language exchange events at a bar (名前が無いバー)managed by my friend, Kogawa Tomoki. Our first event was on February 26th, and we are in the midst of planning the second, which will be on March 26th. Second, I am an active member of the go circle led by Ishioka Hideo, a retired English teacher who generously donates his Friday evenings to teach the game to JETs. Finally, I created and continue to lead a small study group for people in Aomori City, including both JETs and permanent residents. As AJET VP, I would draw on these experiences in order to serve my community as best I can.


Congrats to both Donalisa and Josh! And don’t forget to vote for your Treasurer before March 31st!



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