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Snacks on snacks pt 2

By MiNa Kim

Japanese snacks are amazing, and with all these limited editions popping up left and right, I spared no expense on my  winter snack-a-thon. I wrote a snack review a couple of months ago, and I loved that I felt no guilt eating 7 bags of chips in a day. It was like fulfilling my duties for the greater good of community snackage consumption. With taste and price in mind on a scale of 5 stars, I bring you a new list of yummy goods to try.

  1. Lotte’s PUCHIBUSSE (Mont Blanc Edition) (3.8/5)
    I am seriously a sucker for mini cakes. They are literally bite-size, two bites if you don’t inhale them like a horse like I do, and they are now a new favorite to accompany me during tea time. If you like chestnut flavored things, or mont-blancs, these will totally new your jam. They’re pretty soft and not overly sweet, which makes you want to eat all of them in once sitting.  I’ve also had the Matcha edition (4.0/5) and I liked it a little bit better. I thought these were a bit pricey for most of it being packaging, thus lowering the score a bit, but definitely worth buying time to time.

  2. LOOK chocolates (A la mode (2.5/5), and Cacao select (4.5/5))
    These chocolates are pretty cheap, about  100 yen at conbinis. The chocolate are varied by different fillings. One box was fruits and nuts flavor, the other was chocolates from different countries. To be honest, I didn’t care for the A la Mode (yellow box). I thought the banana chocolate was weird. It would be enough to cure your sweet tooth, but I would eat something else if given the option. The cacao select was fantastic. Not only was it delicious, I found it rather fun to taste the difference of chocolates by countries. I recommend the red box wholeheartedly, the yellow, not too much.
  3. Instant Chicken Ramen( Pollo Al Ajillo flavor) (2.2/5)
    I don’t know if you have ever had Chicken Ramen. It tastes kinda good, kinda like cardboard. It is also one of the original instant ramen invented in Japan. I don’t know if you have had ajillo. It’s like a boiling pot of garlic oil. It’s amazing. I was pretty pumped to eat this, cause I am a huge fan of ajillo, but this didn’t do it justice. In fact, it didn’t do anything  because it just tasted like the regular chicken ramen, but 50 cents more expensive. I ended up dumping sriracha on it, so it tasted like sriracha chicken cardboard. Wasn’t the worst, but there are definitely better options for the same price tag. I won’t be buying this again.
  4. KATA-AGE Potato chips (Butter Shoyu (3.0/5) and Honey  Butter(not pictured) (1.2/5))
    These chips are kettle chips, which is thickly sliced and super crunchy. It’s the first class of chips, not to be compared to the economy class Calbee. Like holy cow, the texture of these chips is awesome. I’ve had so many flavors of this brand and most of them have been fantastic (holla at wasabi and lemon). I feel like butter + something combo have been pretty popular recently, but to be honest, I was a bit disappointed by these. The butter shoyu wasn’t bad. Tastes like butter first then kinda weird, which I guess is the soy sauce? I could (and did) eat the whole bad absentmindedly while watching TV. The honey butter flavor definitely rubbed me the wrong way. My response at first was, WHY, then it was meh. It has that fake butter taste, then it’s just sweet. Not my thing, but I guess some people like it since it is the new flavor trend in Asia.  My flavor recommendation for this brand would have to be BLACK PEPPER, and NORI (green bag).
  5. Lawson brand-White Melon-Pan with Cream (4.0/5)
    This was pretty standard but tasty all the same. If you like melon pan, and you like whip cream, this is probably going to be quite satisfying. The bread is pretty big, and would make a real hearty snack. The bread is honestly just a plain light melon pan, a bit sweet but no real flavor. The cream is thick and rich, and you can feel it going straight to fat. I buy little snack breads from Lawson quite often but this was the first time I’ve seen the whip cream melon pan. I’d imagine it would go real well with coffee and will probably buy this again for breakfast if I see it again.

2 thoughts on “Snacks on snacks pt 2

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