Trivia Trap

Love History Quiz!

By Peter Underwood

Well, Valentine’s day is coming up, so here are some quiz questions to get your heart pumping, your…what do you mean Valentine’s Day has already gone? IT’S ALREADY MARCH?

Time certainly flies during the winter months, but you can find the love-related questions after the cut.

Here are the two wonderful prizes you can try for:

1)¥1000 Starbucks gift card
2) Mysterious Mystery Box of Mysterious Mystery! Tell us what kind of stuff you’re into, and place your faith in me to deliver a worthy prize. It could be anything–even a ¥1000 Starbucks gift card!

mystery box boat trivia

This month’s puzzlers are:

  1. Which cowboy, in one contest in a town called Deadwood, won the roping competition, lassoing, tying, and mounting an untamed bronco in record time, and won two shooting contests?
  2. In Medieval Welsh law, a husband was allowed to strike his wife for what beard-related reason?
  3. The oldest recorded love poem ever found concerns which ancient king?

As always, use any means necessary to find the answers to the questions. Send your answers to Answers are due by Friday 17th March! The winner will be announced after that.

Do you have any interesting trivia or facts you want to share with the Aomori crowd? If your trivia is chosen, you’re automatically entered into the prize drawing! E-mail us at


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