March Vol 1 – AJET Elections and New Head Editor

By Peter Underwood

Hey everyone! Winter is still here, which means you still have a few scant weeks to get in your yearly winter sports and cosy kotatsu snuggles before Aomori turns into the surface of the sun. For those of you looking forward to the return of an Aomori summer, you only have a short time left to wait! For those enjoying our last days of winter, be careful: Summer is Coming.

We have some big news here for you this month – GMA is getting a new head editor! Come April, I will be stepping down, and the excellent Amanda Addey-Jibb will be taking my place. We’ve been talking about the transition for a while now, and she’s got some wonderful ideas for GMA going forward, so I’m mega excited to see what she does!

We are still looking for writers though! As always, send your ideas or desires through to!

This month we have:

Special feature the First – APPLY TO AJET! So you wanted to apply for AJET, but didn’t know how? Here’s all the info you need

Special Feature the Second – If you had any questions for our current AJET members on their jobs, what it was like to do cool stuff all year, etc, come read this – all your questions are answered here

Events Mel brings us all the goings on for March in our wonderful prefecture

NomNomTabemono: More incredible snacks to nibble at under your kotatsu in Snacks on snacks pt 2

Off Route: Yakushima I-I-Island today, with a forest that inspired both Ghibli and Metal Gear!

MediaBug: Bringing us a sweet roundup with March Month of Media: Samurai Jack, Moana, and Switch!

Forward All Inquiries: What to do when you feel like you need more confidence? Listen to the advice contained in Confidence Man 2

Hot Springs Eternal: If you fancy taking a trip to Iwate, David’s got you covered with Onsen recs in Just like desserts, definitely worth a revisit!

Trivia Trap: Some romantic, and not so romantic, questions making up for talking about the Nintendo Switch around Valentine’s – Love History Quiz!



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