Feb Vol 2 – GMA In Trouble, We Need You

By Peter Underwood

Hey everyone! First, some serious stuff: GMA needs you.

So far, with people going home and people leaving the GMA family, we are going to be losing a huge number of people over the next couple of months. I’m stepping down as Head Editor, Katerina is moving on from Publishing Manager, and we have eight column editors that are going to be leaving us. That’s both organisers and over two-thirds of our writing staff. Kat and I had discussed whether we might be able to stay on, but we’ll still be losing a huge amount of our content. Long story short, if we can’t find people to take over some of these slots (especially Head Ed and Publishing Manager), GMA may have to go on hiatus. So please, if anyone’s interested, email us at – the full list of open positions (and some details) are below:

Head Editor – recruiting, making sure things publish on time, outreach/advertising

Publishing Manager – Setting up things for publishing, article editing

Events (Current: Mel Tee) – Schedule of events around Aomori Ken, publishes once a month.
Nomnom Tabemono (Current: MiNa Kim) – Cooking/food, recipes and restaurants
Voracious Vernacular (Current: Alexander Martin) – the Japanese language, language study, the silly side of kanji etc
Hot Springs Eternal (Current: David Applebaum) – Onsen, hot springs and relaxation
Mediabug Music (Current: Michael Diana) – Japanese music, music culture, recommendations and reviews
Mediabug Other (Current: Robert Kondo) – Other media – japanese movies, games, TV etc
Photo Corner (Current: Kyle Buck) – Photos (submitted and your own) of travels around our prefecture and further afield
Off-Route (Current: Karyn Lo) – Travelling in and around the prefecture

Aomori Spotlight (Current: Angie Hawn) – Interviews in the community

Let us know!

Media Bug – Michael takes us to a lighter side of a visual kei with Plastic Tree

Hot Springs Eternal – When Zen is not enough, then go for the Zao, in an onsen review and…love hotels?

Aomori Spotlight – Hachinohe’s own Sophie Rubenking talks today!

BALLS – World news hits today in BALLS February Edition

Techknowledgey Yomichan? A new way to study, introduced by Daven




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