Nom Nom Tabemono

Pretty Cheap Nabe

By MiNa Kim

The recipe I have for you this issue is again a nabe recipe! (Surprise surprise…)

However, not only is it fun to make, it’s delicious, cheap, and actually pretty in presentation. I wonder if you’ve heard of mille-feuille nabe, because it is the hottest nabe trend in Asia right now. Most of you probably know the dessert (which is also pretty amazing) so now, with this recipe, you can have mille-feuille for dinner and dessert!

This nabe cost about 600 yen total, so it’s really cost effective for a yummy dinner in the house. It’s also super cold outside so I hope this is an incentive for you to try and make it!


Napa cabbage (Hakusai) (1/8-1/4)
Sliced beef or pork (I used about 100g?)
Enoki Mushrooms (optional)
Shiso leaves (optional)

Ponzu, Soysauce, and mirin for the broth.

Mille-Feuille means a thousand leaves, so this nabe is basically going to looked like leaves stacked on top of each other.

1. Place a layer of cabbage as base
2. Layer beef, mushroom, and shiso on top of the cabbage
3. Repeat 1 and 2

You should basically have a cabbage meat sandwich.

4.Cut into about 5-7 cm pieces into pot in an organized fashion.


6. Put 2 cups water, 3tbl of both ponzu and soysauce
7. Boil on high for about 10 minutes, then let simmer for about another 10.

Salt and pepper to taste!

The amount of meat you want to use is optional. I have also had this nabe made without the shiso leaves (courtesy of Jackson Hale) but I personally prefer it with. All the combinations are up to you!


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