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Tom Laundry

By Jackson Hale



What is the best way to do laundry? I’ve recently been having a hard time keeping on top of my laundry situation, and need some advice. What do you do?


Tom Laundry


Hey Tom and welcome to Forward All Inquires. This is the only GMA column where your questions are answered publicly. Im sure Peter will answer your questions privately, it’s not about the questions, it’s about displaying them. And you got me just in time! I was about to head home!


My middle school is closing early because too many students have Influenza. I know, lucky ducks!


So, lets go shall we. I’ll drive, you can ride shotgun.


So, I am a firm believer in the Marie Kondo method. You need to have a minimalist lifestyle. There are many reasons this is the case. A few are, 1.) Less clothes means you have an easier time choosing clothes (no more paradox of choice). 2.) You will only have items of clothes that you look good in, and therefore you feel good in. 3.) Having less things makes it so you have to focus on and use the things you already have (books, games, food). 4.) The pole that holds your clothes up in your closet won’t fall underneath a ton of weight at two in the morning anymore.


But an added benefit to having less clothes is that when it comes to laundry time, you can do less loads of laundry, and you can dry all of your clothes easily and hang them up quicker than you would think.


Look, odds are that the impetus for you to do laundry is needing clothes, right? So, it would stand to reason that having more clothes allows you to put off doing laundry for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you hate doing laundry, more clothes allows you to put it off.


buu-buu. In that situation, when it finally does come time to do laundry, you will have an unending pile of laundry to deal with.


And even if you could spend all day doing laundry, odds are that there are set limits on how much work you can do a day, based upon your ability to dry clothes, your time, whatever the reason for limiting yourself might be. As a result, you will do enough laundry to be ok for maybe a week, without having gotten rid of the giant pile of clothes in the corner.


So I propose you decrease the amount of clothes that you have to an amount that will only get you through 4 work days of a week.


This includes dress shirts, blazers, blouses, pants so on. (Underwear, undershirts, bras, clothes of these kinds that you can wear in the embarrassing privacy of your own home are not included.)


Here is why: after three days, you will find that you are only down to one more set of clothes. Because of this, you will need to do laundry. And because you will have three shirts and three pants ready to be washed, you can do two easy smaller loads, hang them up to dry, and then consider yourself finished.


You also shouldn’t wash pants with shirts. It’s not a crime, but it allows you to keep everything together.


I am not going to even consider colors. The only color I own is blue, so I don’t have to worry about mixing colors. If you do, think about if having many colored outfits make you happy enough to waste your life sorting them to wash.


Last advice, use fabric softener. When you hang your clothes up to dry, it makes your outfit look that much better after the fact.


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