Over the Mountain and Through the Woods

By Lauren DeCosta

It’s a dark Tuesday evening, snow gently drifting down from the sky, and the captivating voice of Hadley Fraser filling my ears as I drive. I’m on my way to dance class, enjoying the relaxing route through the country roads along the base of mountains. Suddenly disaster strikes! The snow is no longer gentle, but a slippery sort of evil that catches my tires in its icy death grip, throws my car around like a ragdoll, and then leaves it laying in a ditch (or drainage canal?).

Everything turned out alright in the long run, with just cosmetic damage to my car, but I think this takes the cake as the most unexpected experience I’ve had here so far. Some nice people passing by helped pull my car out of the ditch and move it to a safer location to wait for the police to get there. The police were very helpful and patient. My supervisor was amazingly helpful despite me being over 30 minutes away and her not physically being there.

Everyone at work assumes it must have been scary, or shocking. Honestly though, the most terrifying part was knowing that I had to call the cops and file accident reports and everything in Japanese. So, my advice is for all y’all to remember the safety info you were given when you first got here, and be aware of what to do in emergencies. You may not think you’ll ever need to know it, but hey, some things you can’t really control.


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