January Volume 2

Welcome back everyone! Happy new year from everyone at GMA!

As third semester starts, many of you will be busy helping with exams and graduation and all kinds of things – and some of you, sadly, will be prepping to go home. Whatever you get up to, we hope you have a happy, productive and fulfilling 2017!

Talking of things that’ll make you happy, this month we have…

Photo Corner – Kyle take us over the seas in Winter in Thailand

Hot Springs Eternal – David talks about immersing his body in a vat of cream. Worth reading! Not far from Tokyo… a land of steam and bubbling waters…

BALLS – Victor writes about the events that had the biggest impact on 2016 in BALLS – 2016 Some things that happened

Japantics – Reacting to a car accident in Over the Mountain and Through the Woods

Aomori SpotlightMiranda Reed gets the spotlight treatment this month!

A Novel Idea – Ellen tours us around an old favourite series of mine in His Dark Materials: Northern Lights

Techknowledgey – Daven hooks us up with the hidden magics for travelling in How to get Cheaper Airline Tickets – The Secret Tech

Media Bug – Get to know Hata Motohiro from his earliest with a retrospective from Michael!



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