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Snacks on snacks

By Rosalina (Mina Kim)

I love snacks. You love snacks. Everyone loves snacks. If you say you don’t like snacks, you are only fooling yourself. There’s a lot of things I like about snacks. It’s tasty, it’s cheap, the variety are endless, it’s the most risk-free way of “trying new things”, and its small possibility of disappointment is guaranteed  to be temporary. It’s almost always a win-win situation.

Anyways, I have taken the liberty to take even that minuscule chance of Japanese snacks disappointing you (cuzlesbehonestjapanesesnacksareONPOINT), and making it even smaller by going on a snackpage (snack rampage) taste test on your behalf.

(Going from left to right, top to bottom row)

  1. PORISHIKI (Mentaiko flavor)  – Lawson has a snack aisle of beautifully priced 100 yen bags of chips, where these chips can be found. I’m not a huge fan of mentaiko IRL. However, these chips were mega-tasty. Mentaiko is supposed to be spicy and these definitely have a little kick. If you like spicy stuff, it’ll just be delicious but, if you’re one of those who sweat from eating black pepper, I guess you could have a hard time.  I really liked the texture of this too. Kinda like a funyun.
  2. SUKOUN (Wafu BBQ flavor)– So when I bought these, I thought they would be like BBQ cheetos or something. These chips turned out to be exactly that, and the best thing I ate all week, including McDonald’s breakfast. But hey, that’s just my opinion. It’s super flavorful, and way tastier than what I think tare (たれ) tastes like. Texture is just like a cheeto, and good luck not eating the whole bag in one sitting. I went out and bought a second bag.
  3. JAGARIKO (Sesame oil and Salt flavor) – Limited edition, goma and salt flavored jagariko. I give props to these chips cause they taste exactly like sesame oil and salt. If you’re a fan of goma-abura, then you’re gonna love these. I’m a huge fan of the salt and oil combo (it’s super good to dip yakiniku in) so when I saw the limited edition, it was a must try. Definitely did not disappoint. I wouldn’t say it’s the best thing on the list, but like I said, if you’re into these flavors, it’s worth trying.
  4. CHOCO BROWNIE BARS- The top is a caramel flavored brownie and the bottom is standard choco-brownie. About 100 yen a bar at conbinis. I’m not the biggest fan of brownies but these were really good, not too sweet and had lots of chocolate chunks. It was also a bit drier than the ooey-gooey ones that people like back home. Overall, I would say worth trying, and might compliment your coffee nicely if you get peckish at school.
  5. BITE SIZE SAUCE KATSU- I mean, need I say more?  These are a personal favorite, and not to get all Japanese oyaji on you, but these are awesome with beer. They  generally taste like cold leftover katsu, the texture has a nice crunch, and once I start, I can’t stop eating them. If you like katsu, I think you’ll like these.  However,  these are not vegetarian friendly. They’re made from battered fish strips I think.
  6. RICCHIGIZA (BBQ flavor)ー So I just grabbed these because the other BBQ chips were amazeballs. These ones are okayyy. Not amazing but not bad. They actually taste  exactly like the Frito BBQ twists but with a bit more bitter after taste. They are also made by Frito Lay so I’m sure the BBQ powder is the same. It costs about a dollar, and if you’re a fan of the Frito twists, it’s worth buying. I think these would be dope with a bowl of chili.

Hope this gives you a reason to go out and buy a ridiculous amount of snacks to eat while sitting in our kotatsu. If you have a snaccomendation, let me know! Happy snacking!


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