December 2016, Vol. 1

By Peter Underwood

The last GMA before winter break is here! Whether you’re going home, travelling, staying in Japan or haven’t decided yet, all of us at GMA wish you happy holidays and safe journeys.

As always, you may want to take a camera with you wherever you’ll be, as it’s time for the GMA Annual Winter Break Photo Competition! Take photos over the winter break and send them to GMA at! You can find more info over in Photo Corner this issue. Good luck!

This month, GMA brings you:

Events – Holidaytimes abound in December Events 2016 – lots of lights to go see! Don’t worry, Mel’s got events down until January and February, when we’ll be back from hiatus.

Photo Corner – See (or relive!) the fun and frolics that was the SDC Pub Quiz Debacle – and more details on the Photo Competition!

Trivia Trap – Getting hyped up for the slope season with a Snowboarding Quiz!

Off Route – More tips for those glorious night-time winter illuminations in Illuminating Winter

Forward All Inquiries – Eaten too much at Thanksgiving? Feeling guilty for stealing that last turkey leg (like I am)? Jackson’s got some kind words for you in Lets get out of here Turkey legs!

NomNom Tabemono – Bringing us snack recommendations for those winter hibernations in Snacks on Snacks

Mediabug – Electronic Music Meets Anime in ‘Shelter’ is a look at a really cool collaboration between music and short-form anime.

Hot Springs Eternal – The feeling of sinking into a post-piste onsen in When the going gets tough, head for the hills…




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