The Show Must Go On

By Lauren DeCosta

Earlier this year I was excited to go to a concert, amazed that an artist I liked was even coming up to Aomori. I managed to successfully purchase the ticket, and was all set to go, even if I had to go by myself! Seemingly I had conquered the hard part, since the day of I really only had to give someone my ticket and find my seat. Easy, right? WRONG! Or, well, not actually wrong; it shouldn’t have been difficult.

My seat was in row “I” but all of the seats when I walked in the theater were in hiragana. So naturally I just assumed “I” on a ticket meant い on the seats.  As I sit there waiting for the concert to start a lady comes in and is supposed to be in the same seat as me. Slightly confused, but trusting that I was more likely wrong than an older Japanese woman was, I gave up the seat and headed out to the entry way to find the seating map. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that there are seats from あ to よ and then from A to Z. OOPS! Living in Japan sometimes we make the silliest of mistakes, even with things we can do with little to no thought or effort normally.

Got a funny story about one of you adventures in Japan? Want to share it with the world? Japantics is always accepting submission from our readers. YOU could be the star of our column next month. If you would like to contribute, please send any submissions to Lauren at kikumarufujilove@gmail.com.


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