November Vol 2

By Peter Underwood


Ski season almost hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Get boarding people!

This month, we have:

BALLS – You better believe this one is about Trump

Aomori SpotlightChristine Salt is interviewed to show how you can still be part of your community on limited time!

Hot Springs Eternal – Hokkaido is on the onsen list today, in After the lavender has bloomed and gone, and is but a memory…

Japantics – Concert going faux-pas…faux-pases? How do you pluralise that? Anyway, read this! – The Show Must Go On

Mediabug – This issue, Michael Diana preaches The Gospel of JASMINE

Photo Corner – Feast your eyes on the stunning vistas of Fall on Mount Hakkoda 

Techknowledgey – Daven introduces A New Storage Era – The Rise of the M.2 Standard



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