Scare Our Shorts Off 3: Revenge of the Results

By: Samantha Martin

Finally! The long-awaited sequel to the sequel to the original super-small story contest! Did you get to see The Votening? I thought it was alright, bit repetitive if you ask me.


I literally Googled “2 Fast 2 Spoop” and this is the first thing that came up

Last month we asked you to write some short stories and scare us if you could. Then we asked you to vote on the tales to tell us whose you liked the best. Then we ritually sacrificed the winners to the Elder One so that the year’s harvest might be bountiful.

No but really folks. What’s scary is how many ghost-writers we had submitting! Thank you again for the stories comprised of 50 words or less, it was so much fun getting to read them!!

We have two winners for you:

FIRST! The person voted as the spookiest is…

ANONYGHOST, with the story #11 Technically Haunted!


I agree and I am not going to sleep from now on

SECOND! The person with the most likes overall is…

A…. ANONYGHOST again, with the story #8 The Spider!


It got under my skin, hopefully not literally

Spooky y’all. Congratulations are in order for these two spectral scriveners! As always, look out for more writing contests in the future, and let me know if you’re curious what the spirits had to say through the ouija board about your writing (e.g. comments from the survey). Happy After-Halloween everyone!!


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