November Vol 1

By Peter Underwood

Sleigh bells are approaching fast everyone. Going home? Staying in Japan? Get those trips and travels booked up now, and then get under your freshly set-up kotatsu and read on!

This month, we have:

Events – Big shout out to Mel, who continues spoiling us rotten with an easy guide to all the November Events

Mediabug – Haven’t heard of Kimi no Na Wa? Where have you been? Check out this glowing recommendation in Kimi no Na Wa: Wonderfully Spectacular!

Wordslingin’ – The results are in, and the sacrifice has been chosen. See your Scare Our Shorts Off winners right here! – Scare Our Shorts Off 3: Revenge of the Results

Photo Corner – Mount Hakodate gets the photo corner treatment this issue. I was amazed at some of the stuff on the mountain, and I know you will be too – Mount Hakodate

Off-Route – Karyn has been up to some very interesting activities this month, at Hakkoda: Basking in Leaves and Hugging Snow Monsters

Forward All Enquiries – Cars, couples and crashes are dealt with (hypothetically) in Insured but Unsure

NomNomTabemono – Apple Cheddar Pancakes. Any cooking post with the line “now fry that pancake in butter” is gonna be awesome, right?

Hot Springs Eternal – David tackles onsen at the turn of the season in Changing seasons and a long, relaxing soak

Trivia Trap – Our resident Quiz Master (me) heard of some great November world festivals. Maybe you know them? If you do, you could win! – Festival Funtime


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