Photo Corner

Mount Hakodate

By Yoshi (Kyle Buck)

It has been a tradition that every year after our Skills Development Conference, the JETs of Aomori head up to Hakodate for some R&R. One of the most popular places to visit is Mount Hakodate. It has some stunning views of the city, but I was most impressed by the ruins I found hiking over it.

Mount Hakodate stands 334 meters tall at the southern tip of the Hakodate peninsula. Not only does it command a great view of the city, but it also offers views of the Tsugaru Straits. And, on clear days, you can even see parts of Aomori!


When I hiked up Mount Hakodate for the first  time, I was taken completely by surprise by the abandoned military outposts that are dotted across it.

Any column on Mount Hakodate wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the great night view. From the rope way, about half an hour after sunset, you can see what is considered to be one of the best night views in the world.

Next time I will be featuring the fall colors of Aomori. If you would like to share your pictures with us please email me your pictures at


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