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Insured but Unsure

By Bowser (Jackson Hale)

I am currently in a disagreement with my partner. Before we met, we both had our own car insurance. My partner says mine is too expensive. I say that the extra insurance is worth it. I don’t want to give up my insurance. What should I do?

  • Insured but Unsure

Hey Insured, and welcome to Forward All Inquiries. As I am sure you are aware, this is where I take it upon myself to answer any questions I get to the best of my ability. For example, if you wanted to know how to tell what way is up in an avalanche, I would say, “the direction that’s the opposite side of the floor”. If you were to ask how to do flooring in your apartment, I would say “watch a YouTube video”. I pride myself on giving practical advice that coincides with my expertise.

So, Insured, let’s go back to your request. So, full disclosure, I also like paying for good insurance.

So, you two are apparently undertaking the very stressful process of throwing your lives together. Hopefully, you both had a little space set up already as individuals before you met. You both had your own routines and knew sort of how your day to day life was going to play out. I’m sure you both had rituals and habits and quirks that were sort of your own embarrassing problems.

But in turn, you two are spending so much time together that you are bound to get into weird disagreements that don’t mean anything. In the grand scheme of things, nobody sees your insurance. Judging someone`s insurance seems to me to be a very intimate thing. Like, how long do you have to spend with someone to exhaust every conversation up to insurance/cost of insurance. My guess – either a very long time or a very short time.

But you too are making a life together (I assume) and thus all the stupid unseen private stuff is being flushed out into the open for your partner to see. Not just insurance, but fashion, how many TVs are appropriate, prices that are reasonable for toilet paper, bread, shower manners. You guys will have disagreements about things that make literally no sense at all because that’s love dude.

So, what do you do? My opinion: keep your expensive insurance. Insurance is special as a thing we buy in that it is only useful in an unforeseen circumstance. There is no telling when you might need it, and thus thinking you need better insurance might mean you lack confidence that things won’t go terrible in the future.

It might be telling that your significant other thinks you need less expensive insurance. Maybe they have a stronger belief that things in the future won’t be terrible, while you still worry about the future. And this might just be where your values diverge with one another.

But all because you don’t have the same level of optimism does not mean that you are doomed. Instead trust that you two will complement each other, and keep your expensive insurance!

Anyways, there ya go. Do nothing. Thanks for your question.


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