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Apple Cheddar Pancakes

By Princess Peach (Mina Kim)

I love Fall in Aomori. Although it’s kind of like the calm before the hellish snow storm, Aomori Autumns are truly lovely. It’s colorful, I can wear my sweaters that is 80% of my wardrobe, and tasty fruits are plentiful and affordable. The apples that Aomori is so famous for, hits grocery stores in full force and you’re crazy if you don’t consume like..all of them. With that, I tried out an apple recipe I saw online. Well, I saw like 200 so I tried combining a few to try them all at once. Life doesn’t really work that way but it wasn’t horrible so, give it a shot 😛

Step 1: Make pancakes.

I’m no pancake guru and so I just took an online recipe and mixed it together. I’m sure any recipe would do.


Step 3: Slice apples and cheddar cheese

Step 4: Top your pancake

Step 5: Top your pancake with another pancake.


Now you have an apple cheddar pancake sandwich. Congratulations

Drench it in caramel, honey, maple syrup or all of them.  I think I liked honey the best.

Definitely wasn’t amazing. I think maybe if it had been real cheddar cheese, or if I had added pumpkin spice to the batter, it could have been better. Would also add bacon if I had some, but it was not bad for a quick 10 minute meal.

Hope you enjoy apple season as much as I do! If you know a bombass apple recipe, let me know!



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