Oct Vol 2

By Peter Underwood

The busy season is still in full swing, with culture fests, sports, Halloween lessons and winter house prep all coming down. How many of you have your kotatsu set up already? Bubble wrap insulation? 400 blankets? For those new among you, imagine an obligatory Game of Thrones ref here!

Victor Schultz joins us this issue, with BALLS, an informative news column based on Becoming A Little Less Stupid. Welcome him to the team with some reads and comments!

This month, snuggle up with:

BALLS – Victor’s inaugural column explains why you need some BALLS in your life – BALLS: An Introduction

A Novel Idea – What’s awesome? Dragons. What’s sweet? Riding them. What’s great? The fact there’s books for that – The Dragonriders of Pern

Mediabug – An new album by Utada Hikaru? Featuring Shina Ringo? *does the CSI:Miami YEAAAAH scream* – Fantome

Photo Corner – More gorgeous photography from the ken, this time focusing on the beautiful Mount Hachimantai

Techknowledgey – Daven looks at wireless charging solutions in The State of Wireless Charging – Now and by 2020

Japantics – Breaking down and getting help from the cops in Cars, Cops, and Commotion

Aomori Spotlight – Maria Reyes and her dancing community experiences are the focus of this spotlight – Maria Reyes

Hot Springs Eternal – Onsen and relaxing While visiting the oldest beech forest in east Asia….


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