Scare Our Shorts Off: The Awakening

By: Samantha Martin

So last month I asked that you submit some stories along the theme of spookiness. The scariest part? They had to be 50 words or less! And you delivered! Here is a short list of short stories for your viewing pleasure.

After you’ve read through, please vote here on who you think should earn the right to be called the SOSO Pumpkin King!

Happy Haunting!!!


1) Break Your Momma’s Back
by AnonyGhost
It started with a few shoots through the sidewalk and trees leaning closer to bedroom windows, but as the flora got more vicious, they grew fast enough to impale those who couldn’t run. Those left have learnt never to step on a crack.

2)After The Car Accident
by AnonyGhost
“I’m here to help you.”
A flutter of wings. She really is beautiful, and I have little other choice.
I take her hand. There’s a faint beep of a machine slowing, slowing, halting.
My mother somewhere telling me to hold on.
I am. Her hand feels clawlike in mine.

3) Student Loans
by AnonyGhost
See title.

4) Lovecraft
by AnonyGhost
I hate Lovecraft. Just lazy horror writing – all “indescribable” horrors and cut-off endings. Well I’ve summoned his famed eldritch horrors, and I comprehended them just fine! I finished the incantations at midnight, and as the shiny mass rose from the floor, I realised that it looked just like

5)Of Things Left Behind
by Katerina Scarbinec
There were spiders in the punch bowl.

They were there on purpose – someone’s idea of a joke – but now with the punch bowl empty, they looked like they’d drowned, fat and bloated.
Lila sighed and continued sweeping up the streamers and silly string and cooling dismembered human.

Another Halloween over.

6)Harem Bay
by AnonyGhost
This doesn’t make sense. He’s dead. I shot him dead! But there’s no mistaking that silver coat on his back or that black hair. It’s him, and he wants justice. He effortlessly lifts me up to his face. “God help,” I cry. He grunts and says,

“Dicks out, motherfuckers.”

7)Like A T-Rex, Except A T-Rex Isn’t On My Ceiling Right Now
by AnonyGhost
If I move, he’s going to find me. I have to sit still, even though I can feel him watching me. Burnt hair, masks on all three of his faces, a twisted neck. If I move, I tell myself, it’s over. I wish I didn’t have to sneeze.

8)The Spider
by AnonyGhost
The spider is back.He’s on me.
Its stinger comes out like usual.

But I’m ready.

I take the knife from under my pillow.

I slice the stinger off.

It screams.

I did it!

Mommy runs in.

Why’s mommy screaming?

Lights on.

Where’s the spider?

Why’s Daddy on the floor?

9)Dr. Perfect
by AnonyGhost
“Hm. The left side is too long. I’ll have to shave it.” I take the old cheese grater and rub it against the patient’s left stub-arm. He’s so noisy, even after I removed his tongue! Stop screaming already. I need concentration or….  “Ahhh… now the right side is too long!”

10)Puppy Love
by AnonyGhost
Her legs have atrophied to the point of uselessness. Her wrists are raw from struggling against the chain cuffs. She’s sitting in her own piss. She spends her time staring at the wall, broken and defeated. The door clicks and she flinches. “Honey, I’m back!” He smiles. She sobs.

11)Technically Haunted
by AnonyGhost

It’s usually there, hiding in the edge of your vision. Breathing next to your feet. Existing in the corner by the computer. The blue light casts a shadow of it on the wall, but you aren’t looking. Your phone brightness is too high. You’ll never see it coming.

by AnonyGhost

Don’t let them in. Fear, heartache, rage… They’re gateways for them. They’ll make you do things you never would. They’ve likely already been inside you. Ever said things you didn’t mean? That was thus. And that’s nothing. The bigger the gateway, the more control you give us. Let us in.

13)I Woke Up Unable To Read
by AnonyGhost

I noticed it with my coffee maker first. Then with that poster on the way to work. Finally, during my meetings, even when I was opening my planner. The letters were there, but they didn’t make sense. It was as if everyone had just used Google Translate. Oh wait. Hmm.


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