October Vol 1

By Peter Underwood

I’m finding a pattern in these issue posts – I always seem to complain about the weather. So in this one, I will only say nice things about the weather.


With that over with, let’s get on with the stuff!

This month, we have:

Events – I mean this 100% truthfully, I don’t know what we’d do without Mel working so hard to collate all the prefecture’s days and events. If you go to an event you’ve seen on this list, drink one for Mel! – October Events

Wordslingin’ – The entries are in! Read over our spooky nano stories and vote for the one you find the most spoopy! – Scare Our Shorts Off: The Awakening

Trivia Trap – These questions are hard enough that their skeletons will definitely go to join the Skeleton War – Halloween Quiz

Hot Springs Eternal – Heat up in all senses of the word with The best of two worlds: Indian curry and an onsen…!

Forward All Inquiries – Jackson schools us all about Export Led Development

Mediabug – Another anime recommendation, this time about fate and emotion in ‘Re: Zero’ is ‘Real’ and ‘Raw’

Photo Corner – MONKEYS. MONKEYYYYYYYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. And amazing photography – Hotoke-ga-ura

Off Route – Completely ignoring the advice of TLC’s 90s classic “Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls”, Karyn is…well…doing the opposite, in Shirakami Sanchi: Still Chasing Those Waterfalls

NomNom Tabemono – MiNa gives us a recipe I’ve been after for months, for Curry Milk Miso Ramen. Apparently it’s amazing! Can’t wait to try it – Improving ramen

Voracious Vernacular – Alexander shares his knowledge with us in the form of Resources Galore



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