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By Kyle Buck

Usually, when I am in the mood for a nice scenic area, I head up into the mountains.  But this week, I ventured out to the coast to get some great shots of Buddha’s Cove (Hotoke-ga-ura). Journey with me to see one of Shimokita’s hidden treasures.

Unless you are lucky enough to have a boat, you are going to need to drive to get to Hotoke-ga-ura. It is on the west cost of Shimokita, about an hour outside of Mutsu. It’s a beautiful drive, and I highly suggest keeping your eyes open for strange movement in the trees. The last two times I have gone to Hotoke-ga-ura, I have been fortunate enough to see Japanese Macaques.

This one is doing a pertty good Thinking Man impression.

I even saw some babies!

If you come from Sai, as you come around a bend, you will see a pullout where you can look down on the rock formations.

The trail from the parking lot is about 500 meters on a well maintained path.  There are several interesting formations and benches to stop at along the way.

Once you reach the bottom, you will be greeted by a Jizodo and beautiful vistas. To see the best views, you will need to walk out onto the pier, and along the beach.

Here are some more of my famous Geo Sphere photos that will give you a better sense of the beauty of this area.

There will probably be cool things at your feet as well. In addition to these crabs, I saw fish, sea urchins, and jellyfish.

If you don’t mind driving home in the dark, you should also stick around for the breathtaking sunsets.

I hope everybody gets a chance to go. And after you do, send me some pictures of the wildlife you see, at


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