September Vol 1

By Peter Underwood

Happy second semester everyone (and a happy first second semester to all our new recruits)! The busiest and “most Japanese”¹ of all the semesters. Speech Contest, sports days, competitions, culture fest, exam prep – it’s definitely a great place to drop into JET life! Plus (apart from typhoons), the weather’s getting better (read: colder) and everything’s calming down humidity-wise. Only a couple of months til snow, people!

¹I’ve forgotten who told me their colleague said this, sorry!

This month, our wonderful writers have cooked up:

Events – Find out all the details for the next few months, including the JET event of the year, the Welcome Cabin Party – September Events

Mediabug – The single best drawing of a Magikarp I’ve ever seen. Ever. Also there’s the rest of the comic to look at – Aomori Pokemon Go

Voracious Vernacular – Alexander is back with information on converting that Japanese knowledge you’ve been working on into qualifications – what tests do what, and why – Testing Your Rocks Off

Photo Corner – Tired of the Typhoon’s meatier showers? Try meteor showers instead (I’m sorry) – Perseids Meteor Shower

Off Route – I don’t care what anyone says, that’s a statue of a Tuna about be punched in the face – Giant Wild Horses, Giant Fists, and a Giant Tuna

Forward All Inquiries – Jackson continuing to bring you those essential skills, with How to Start a Cult

Trivia Trap – Who’s gonna hit the gold medal in this month’s contest? – Olympic Fun

NomNom Tabemono – All you can eat for cheap in the party-hardy city of…Towada? – Restaurant Review: Hakkoen

Hot Springs Eternal – David heads to “the bum in the back” for a bit of a soak this month – For the weekend explorer… head to Hokkaido


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