Lack of foresight and miscommunications

By: Lauren DeCosta

Welcome all of you new comers to Aomori! I’m sure you’ve been having loads of fun filling out all sorts of paper work, writing your name in all caps like a small child, trying to figure out what EXACTLY they want from you when they say “sign,” and all sorts of other fun, official things! In light of this, I bring a story about filling things out!

Recently I decided to try applying for the Rakuten credit card, because sometimes you just want to order things from a website that isn’t Japanese, and so you can’t pay at conbini. I spent about an hour and a half filling out all the information online, and waited about a week to hear back (not including the two emails they sent that was worded in a way that I wasn’t fully sure what they said), and then I come back from a few days out of town, and find a missed delivery slip in my mail box. So I request re-delivery, and I’m there, ready and waiting for my shiny new credit card! The delivery guy comes, asks me my name, and asks to see my residence card, to verify that I am, in fact, me! Seems all well and good, until he gives me that “How do I say this politely?” look. Being American, and never using my middle name for anything back in the states, I naturally didn’t think to put my middle name on the application form for my credit card. Which means the mail came without my middle name. You know what’s on my residence card? My middle name. Theoretically that’s no big deal. Right? NOPE! Because the name didn’t completely, 100% match, the delivery guy couldn’t give me that package. So now I have to contact Rakuten to get that all sorted. And I still can’t buy the things I wanted to buy!


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